Lies Within

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, SCP-XXX is impossible to be contained. Any sightings of SCP-XXX must be reported immediately to Level 4 or higher personnel, and said witness of SCP-XXX must proceed to the nearest psychiatric unit in order to undergo procedure [REDACTED].

Description: According to surviving witnesses, SCP-XXX appears as an incorporeal being consisting of smoke, ash and "blue vapours", which is theorized by researchers to be some type of plasma. However, this is near impossible to confirm due to how SCP-XXX reveals itself to a single person at a time. It has a rudimentary form of a medium-sized adult male with no discerning features, and appears unable to communicate. See Addendum XXX-a.

It is unknown as to how SCP-XXX selects its victims; at first, it was theorized that those with anger issues or mental disorders such as psychosis could only see SCP-XXX. However, after Incident Log-25, it is now apparent anyone can fall to XXX's power. Another theory which is becoming increasingly accepted amongst Foundation researchers is that XXX selects a victim based on whether they have been in an unhealthy relationship in a time period of two to three weeks. It is theorized that once the relationship ends through any means, then the abusing partner of the relationship is at risk of viewing SCP-XXX. So far, the majority of personnel lost have been D-Class; however, researchers and other such personnel have been lost to SCP-XXX, as noted in Incident Log-25. Regardless, this is purely speculation, and research into how SCP-XXX selects its victims is ongoing.

When SCP-XXX appears to a subject, it stares directly at him or her for a few seconds, as told by survivors, before rushing towards them at such speed they are unable to react accordingly. SCP-XXX then enters the body through any open orifice and proceeds to take control the subjects body. Depending on the size and intelligence of the victim, the process of taking control can range from a few minutes to almost an hour. Once XXX has gained control of a host, however, then that host will undergo both physical and mental changes. Physical changes observed include discolouration of skin, red irises and a significant increase in core body temperature. Mental changes include utter contempt for other living beings, desires to harm and kill other beings with as much force and brutality possible and a previously unknown level of rage displayed. The victim, in this state, seems seemingly unstoppable; however, SCP-XXX has been successfully driven from a host by the use of specially manufactured liquid nitrogen darts and other substances which lower the host's body temperature. After 15 minutes, the host suddenly expires ; the natural pigmentation of the victim does not come back, and the red irises remain as well.

Post-mortems of expired hosts reveal that the insides are completely charred; the heart is usually no more than a black sphere about the size of a golf ball, and all other organs tend to be unidentifiable.

Addendum-a: In one recent incident, Dr. █████ reported seeing SCP-XXX. Rather than charge directly at Dr. █████, SCP-XXX "strolled towards me. Like he sensed something in me." Dr █████ reported hearing a hissing voice, telling him specifically: "Let me in. Let me into that prison of yours, and let me show you what lies within." Dr █████ was immediately hit with one of the liquid nitrogen darts and sedated. At the time, Dr █████ reported to not be having any relationship issues; however, a month or so after the incident, Dr █████ admitted he and his wife were having problems, even going as far as physical violence. It is now speculated that SCP-XXX has the ability to predict when a relationship is about to suffer or enter an abusive stage.

Incident-25: Whilst on his way to the Level 2 Biohazard Lab at Site-█, Dr. ███████ suddenly stopped before falling to the ground, clutching his chest. Specialized security teams with the liquid nitrogen darts were dispatched immediately, but were unable to subdue Dr. ███████ in time. █ were lost before the host could be subdued. Unfortunately, Dr. ███████ did not survive, as his heart had been incinerated by SCP-XXX. Prior to the incident, Dr. ███████ had no known mental illnesses such as psychosis. However, an inquiry into his domestic life resulted in the Foundation discovering that he and his wife had been having relationship issues.

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