Liquid Weapons
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^^ SCP-XXXX in it's original container ^^

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept inside its original container, which is to be stored within a heavy duty wall safe with a volume of no more than 0.512m³. The safe is to be placed at the end of a monitored hallway and is not to be left unattended for any reason. The wall safe is to be reinforced by coating it in a 15cm thick layer of concrete. Note that if the concrete layer is damaged, punctured, or missing completely, the substances' assigned level 4 personnel are to be notified immediately.

Two (2) guards are to be posted in front of the container, equipped with aerosol canisters containing a tranquilizing agent, and iron batons. A guarded checkpoint is also to be erected no less than 10 meters away from the wall safe, and no more than 1 meter from an emergency intercom. Full body searches have been warranted for personnel entering or leaving the wall safe (see incident report). Security personnel witnessing staff attempt to remove SCP-XXXX are to be subdued and detained for questioning. In the incident of posted guards being neutralized, staff at the checkpoint are to signal for help using the emergency intercom.

The substance is only to be examined by personnel with clearance level 2, any attempts for unqualified staff to access SCP-XXXX are to be denied and logged for safety purposes.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a silver fluid mixture of metallic minerals, of which only neodymium has yet been identified. The substance was discovered in an insulated steel canister in the crater of a small-scale meteoroid impact off the coasts near Kobe, Japan.

The substance appears to show anomalous properties when a sapient organism exhibiting certain psychological features has made contact. The substance appears to only react with subjects displaying negative features, such as anger or jealousy. If a subject is displaying these features, the substance appears to adopt the same psychological features as the subject, and re-shapes itself into various weaponry, suitable for neutralizing the subject's source of negative emotions. The substance can re-shape itself into weaponry ranging from short blades, to functional modern day firearms. While in this state, the subject appears to have no capability to control themselves, until they have 'completed their task'. All known products of SCP-XXXX have been reported as finer quality than what is currently possible. After the subject has calmed down, the substance then reverts to it's original state.

First Contact Testing - 01:16 @ 16/1/13

Subject: SCP-XXXX
Procedure: Appointed class D personnel (2) and level 2 personnel (1) members are to access the wall safe. The substances' container is to be opened by one (1) class D. The level 2 member is to inform the participating class D that they are about to be neutralized by the other. Level 2 is to observe reactions, and help contain SCP-XXXX after said reactions are completed.
Written Report: The class D member (D-23672) has made contact with SCP-XXXX. D-23672 has been lied to by level 2 (2/XXXX). D-23672 appeared to stiffen up, while SCP-XXXX looks as if it has hardened into a meat cleaver. D-23672's eyes glaze over, and strikes D-█████(Deceased) in the jugular vein. As D-█████ bleeds out, D-23672 appears to have lost the glazed look in his eyes. The substance was re-contained without issue, and the deceased removed.

INCIDENT REPORT - 04:13 @ 26/1/13

Analysis: Unsupervised level 2 smuggled out and exposed an on-duty level 3 to SCP-XXXX as retribution for "sleeping with his wife". Subject's rage caused the substance to form an mp5 submachine gun, which was then used to gun down all level 3s in a meeting room. Subject was detained, questioned, and executed later that day. O5-█ has approved the usage of a checkpoint on top of guards, as well as moving the substance to Research Sector-15, to discover if SCP-XXXX can be used to destroy hazardous SCPs

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