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SCP-1762 distributing SCP-1762-1B in a newspaper archive. Photograph taken 5/12/1959.

Item #: SCP-1762

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment is at this time impossible. Upon confirmation of an appearance of the entity, an agent is to be dispatched to collect all examples of SCP-1762-1 that are left behind. Requests to "bait" the entity with collections of books, or at the very least keep reaction teams near Foundation-friendly collections of books are pending.

Description: SCP-1762 is a humanoid entity, taking the appearance of a Caucasian male between the ages of 55 and 65, who manifests in areas with high concentrations of written literature within the contiguous United States, as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. Its clothing superficially resembles a business suit and tie, though on closer inspection the material is one contiguous article. An individual matching the description of SCP-1762 vanished from the vicinity of Albuquerque, New Mexico some time in July 1945. Manifestations of the entity began shortly after.

SCP-1762 displays certain properties that prevent containment. Any attempts to initiate physical contact cause the immediate disappearance of SCP-1762, leaving in its place a grey mist. The mist itself is not a gas or vapour, and appears to be an after-image effect of whatever ability the entity uses to escape. Accidental contact is possible, as documented on ██/██/████ when a librarian in ██████ backed up into a being she later described as resembling SCP-17621. Due to its seeming unwillingness to be touched in any way, further investigation has proved difficult. External examination via infrared camera indicates a body temperature averaging 13.2 C, and direct X-ray examination has revealed a skeletal structure that varies between appearances. An examination done during one of SCP-1762's manifestation in the records-keeping area of the University of ██████'s physics department indicates a vast release of neutrinos during both the appearance and disappearance of SCP-1762. Attempts to prevent the entity's dissolution upon completing its task have been unsuccessful, and further tests are required to elucidate a potential method of containment.

During its manifestations, the entity distributes pamphlets in a seemingly random pattern, slipping them in between the pages or under dust covers of books with many different subjects. After an average of ten, it disappears again. These booklets, henceforth known as SCP-1762-1, are printed on a paper of unusual consistency bordering on that of fabric, and using inks corresponding to no known printer company. Nonetheless, dimensions of 21.59 × 27.94 cm are identical to standard North American letter paper. The text itself is written in poorly formatted English, with problems including missing pronouns, inconsistent capitalization and tense, and confusing homophones. Later examples are increasingly well written, indicating a potential greater understanding of the English language, though they retain the unusual choice of capitalization.

The pamphlets are varied in content and confusingly vague. The majority revolve around the concepts of "Concordance" and "Song", neither of which are elaborated on within the documents themselves. The writers of the documents call themselves Singers, and make reference to the works of someone called The Voice. Whether this is an actual person or a deity figure is not known.

Incident given the designation First Contact occurred on █/█/20██ at the ██████ Public Library. This is so far the only instance of SCP-1762 communicating in any way with anyone around it, and analysis of its speech is still ongoing.

Addendum: The entity is beginning to appear with increasing frequency, most notably in the libraries of schools and universities. In addition, it was seen in a bookstore in ████ distributing a rough Spanish translation of SCP-1762-1G. These developments, taken alongside the veiled reference to the Foundation in SCP-1762-1H, indicate that additional resources should be placed into working out a containment procedure.

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