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Item #: SCP-1764

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1764 is to be kept contained in a standard high-security chamber in Site-19. All access to SCP-1764 is prohibited unless with the permission of Level-4 or higher clearance for the purposes of utilising the SCP's effects. All testing is currently suspended. Adjoining the containment chamber is another chamber of the same security specification, separated from the main chamber by a movable wall made of solid steel, behind which is another wall made of perforated steel. This inner wall contains a glass window 300mm in diameter at head height.

No monitoring devices are to be used within the main chamber, and all monitoring within the adjoining chamber is to be restricted to video cameras angled such that at no point do they cover the window.

Once a month, a D-class personnel scheduled for termination is to be introduced into the antechamber adjoining SCP-1764's containment chamber for “feeding”. Once the D-class is secured within the adjoining chamber, the steel wall is to be lifted for thirty (30) seconds and then closed again. At this point, the chamber may be re-opened and the D-class recovered and terminated. This process has been determined to be sufficient to prevent SCP-1764's active state.

Description: SCP-1764 is an object, estimated to be between 0.1 and 3 cubic metres in size. No further information is available on the object's physical properties, owing to its anomalous effects.

These effects manifest whenever SCP-1764 is detected by an organism or other detection device. Any organism sensing SCP-1764 will instantly lose all perception with that sense. This has led to blindness, deafness, loss of sense of smell, and loss of all touch-related senses in 100% of test subjects. Use of non-human test subjects has shown that other senses such as echolocation, electoreception, and even the [DATA EXPUNGED] leaving SCP-███ essentially permanently decommissioned.

The use of electronic devices such as cameras, Geiger counters, and remote-controlled callipers have consistently resulted in the permanent failure of these devices just before they are able to detect SCP-1764.

When SCP-1764 has not disabled the senses of any living organism for longer than a period of twenty-seven (27) days, it enters its active state. In this state, it will broadcast a signal, undetectable by any current technology, in a circle around itself, with a radius that starts small but increases exponentially over time. It has the effect of inducing living organisms to seek out and perceive SCP-1764. It appears to affect higher organisms more strongly, with humans the most affected. The compulsions is described as “a strong feeling that there's something cool hidden in the facility.”

The consumption of all senses of a human is sufficient to entirely satiate SCP-1764 and prevent its active phase for the longest period possible. Current containment procedures are in place to reflect this.

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