Little Angels

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXX are to be contained together in the same room, measuring twenty metres by ten metres and furnished as per a standard human containment cell, albeit equipped for seven occupants. Instances of SCP-XXX are to be supplied with toys appropriate to their age group.

If it is necessary for a researcher to enter the room, only one may do so at a time. Non-imprinted researchers may only spend forty minutes in the presence of instances of SCP-XXX unless imprinting is required for research purposes. There must always be a minimum of two armed guards on duty at a security station at a distance of twenty metres from the entrance to SCP-XXX’s containment area. After a visiting researcher has exited the containment area but before they have left the immediate vicinity, one guard is to manually check that the door has correctly locked itself while another checks its status remotely. The results are to immediately be entered into security systems. If either or both checks report that the door is not secure it is to be assumed that SCP-XXX has breached containment and Emergency Procedure Delta Kilo 14 will be implemented.

Emergency Procedure Delta Kilo 14

All areas adjacent to the containment area the surrounding area will be placed in lockdown automatically. Additional security personnel equipped with psionic countermeasures will be dispatched to the area, who will then enter and escort the researcher back to SCP-XXX’s containment area. The researcher must then persuade instances of SCP-XXX to return to the containment area. Any reluctance to do so will be met with coercion by the security personnel, and refusal is assumed to be symptomatic of a dangerous attachment to SCP-XXX and grounds for termination. In the event that termination is necessary, personnel will incapacitate escaped instances of SCP-XXX (ballistic trauma is authorised) and return them to the containment area.

Description: There are currently seven instances of SCP-XXX contained in the secure area, designated SCP-XXX-1 to 7. Instances are internally, externally and genetically indistinguishable from normal human children but demonstrate considerable anomalous properties. All instances so far encountered have been white Caucasian, with blue eyes, blonde hair and a fair complexion. All instances appear to be aged between 6 and 9 years old, though their true age cannot be determined. Instances do not age, require neither sustenance nor sleep, and while they have no greater resistance to minor wounds than normal children, they demonstrate considerable resistance to severe injuries such as broken bones and catastrophic organ damage. They regenerate rapidly, and appear to feel little to no pain, though will mimic standard pain responses to minor injuries. Instances have proved immune to all pathogens, ranging from common rhinoviruses and noroviruses to anthrax and prions. Any exposure for any duration will result in instances mimicking the symptoms of the common cold, regardless of pathogen, after a delay of 3 hours. This will last for precisely 72 hours and is not infectious at any point.


Instances demonstrate considerable powers of illusion and suggestion. They impart feelings of amiability and affection among all who interact with them and will ‘imprint’ on subjects after a period of interaction longer than one hour. Imprinted subjects will develop strong parental feelings towards all instances, and instances will respond as if the subject were their parent. Instances will obey the instructions of imprinted subjects. While they do not require it, they will sleep if told to, immediately entering a sleep state which will last for precisely eight hours. This can be an effective means of control in the event of a containment breach. Similarly, they will eat if instructed and appear to enjoy sweet foods, which can also be used to encourage co-operation.

Instances appear to be driven by a desire for attention and affection from imprinted subjects, though can also demonstrate a severe lack of empathy. Their normal behavior can be divided into three distinct states, though what determines the transitions between states is unclear:

  • The first is identical to that of a normal child who wants to please its parent – they will be well-behaved, obedient and playful.
  • The second is that of a harmless prankster who derives amusement from surprising imprinted subjects, and will utilize their powers of illusion to this effect. They will use simple pranks, such as buckets of water balanced on top of open doors, and even if the subject does not normally respond positively to such situations they will do.
  • The third is by far the most dangerous state and demonstrates SCP-XXX’s inability to differentiate between surprise and genuine fear responses in humans. In this state they will use their anomalous abilities to create distressing illusions with an aim to terrify individuals while simultaneously heightening the individual’s gullibility to ensure they believe the scenario they perceive, even if it is impossible or absurd.

List of Incidents

While no individual has yet been directly harmed by an instance of SCP-XXX there have been several injuries and fatalities as a result of their illusions.

On ██/██/1997 Researcher Wallis suffered a cardiac arrest in the containment area after apparently being convinced she was sealed inside it during a power cut. Despite security personnel entering the room and attempting to aid her (and confirming that the lighting was in full operation), Wallis collapsed and could not be revived. Instances of SCP-XXX around her were giggling for the duration. Review of Wallis’s psychiatric profile revealed a pathological fear of darkness.

On ██/██/2009 two security personnel and three non-imprinted researchers were injured by Researcher Lambeth who attacked guards at the security station, obtained their firearms and fired random shots down the hall at SCP-XXX-4, hitting the researchers who were in the way. When subsequently interviewed, Researcher Lambeth claimed he had not perceived the researchers and believed himself to be in the midst of a shootout with the well-known British comedian Eddie Izzard. Despite recognizing him, Lambeth claimed he didn’t appreciate the implausibility of the situation until afterwards.

On ██/██/2010 the most lethal incident so far occurred. Researcher [REDACTED] was able to exit the immediate vicinity around the containment area alongside both guards from the security station and three instances of SCP-XXX. They were able to breach containment of SCP-[REDACTED], adding weight to the illusion that several other Euclid-class SCPs had breached containment. In the resulting lockdown, confusion and automated containment measures mistakenly implemented by personnel, four individuals lost their lives and nine more were injured before the instances of SCP-XXX could be incapacitated and the truth established. Notably, Researcher Briandt, a non-imprinted subject who had played a key role in evaluating SCP-XXX’s physical characteristics was among the dead.

In the light of SCP-XXX’s newly-demonstrated ability to affect non-imprinted individuals, containment procedures are subject to review.

Recovery Details: SCP-XXX-1 to 5 were acquired during a raid on a Marshall, Carter & Dark facility on ██/██/1987, found in holding cells lacking beds, sanitation, lighting or means of sustenance. Despite these obviously neglectful conditions, instances were healthy and friendly, which aroused suspicions, and documentation found subsequently confirmed their anomalous nature. The following letter was among the documents recovered, dated 1951. It is apparently written to the then-head of the facility by one of his procurement contacts.


Good news old friend, I’ve recently made another acquisition which I’m sure will interest you: immortal children; nine of them. They’re very low-maintenance – no need to feed ‘em, teach ‘em, no need for them to sleep, and they never grow old. You can’t seem to kill them either; God knows, we’ve tried. They’re parasitic little blighters, latch onto you emotionally until you can’t bear to be parted. A bullet in the head is usually enough to stop them trying, at least! What about that Ms. Willmot you mentioned – it was Willmot, wasn’t it? – the one whose sons died in the war? She might not mind a child she’ll never lose. Or that posh old bag, the one who couldn’t have kids and has all those dogs? We could even get a hold of some of those Wondertainment Adapt-o-Pet things and sell ‘em together – instant loving family for £250,000. Could even use ‘em to setup somewhere new – deep cover possibilities for your agents? Have a think about it.


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