Little sun

Item#: SCP-███

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-███ is to be enclosed in a hermetically sealed glass highly heat-conductive metal alloy container. Inner walls of this container are to be fitted with high-performance solar panels, allowing for effective absorption of █████████ Joules of solar energy, as well as six monitoring devices, allowing for recording the state of all forms of SCP's energy emissions.

Solar panels are to be replaced centiannually and heat sinks are to be installed to prevent solar panels from overheating. An automated system is to be put a place for monitoring any changes in energy emission states. Two research personnel with class █ clearance are to be assigned to keep track of monitor readings and respond to any changes. The personnel is to rotate in 12 hour shifts.

The solar panels' energy output is to be routed to high-performance energy accumulators, capable of storing █████████ Watts of electric charge. The accumulators are then used as both energy source of Site-███'s day to day power needs and an emergency supply of power in case of interruption of energy flow from the solar panels.

In the event of any change in nature of SCP's energy emissions, or increase of their intensity above the threshold of ██████ Joules, the system is to automatically disconnect the accumulators from the solar panels. If override command is not issued by observing personnel within a period of two minutes, the system is to begin filling the containment chamber with an inert chemical gas from a coolant tank installed nearby.


SCP-███ has the appearance of an incorporeal source of bright-yellow light, suspended 2,5 meters above ground. It constantly emits energy, which, upon complete spectrographic analysis, appears to be identical to solar energy. The emissions have been confirmed to vary in intensity based on an unknown factor. This light has been shown to have all the heating and illuminating effects of regular sunlight, fully capable of acting as a catalyst in all known sunlight-related chemical processes, such as breaking down of carbon dioxyde in plants.

Outside from these energy emissions, SCP-565 does not seem to have any effect on the corpoeral world that surrounds it, nor the corpoeral world has any effect on it. Attempting to introduce a flammable substance to SCP-565 (a wooden stick) resulted in flammable substance entering the space, occupied by the sphere, and emerging out of it ablaze, but with no other significant changes to either the substance, or SCP.

Further testing shown SCP to be imprevious to all attempts to relocate it with any sort of conventional physical means.

Chronological History:


SCP-███ was found in a mountainside forest on ████ mountains in central ███████. It was discovered when an SCP agent followed one of local folk tales about a "light in the forest", which was told to provide warmth and light to lost travellers.

Due to ummovable nature of SCP, the containment procedure consisted of constructing an observation post around it, allowing control of state of SCP and restriction of access to SCP by the local populace. The SCP observation post is to be manned by two D-level personnel.


Failure to enact a 1st of month purging directive for the two D-level personnel manning the observation post, due to them escaping from said post, results in requirement to man the post by research personnel.

Supervisor of site-██:
"Whomever thought former death row prisoners wouldn't take advantage of getting posted in a middle of nowhere with no supervision was an idiot.
The post should be manned by paid employees, though i personally advise selecting some of the less productive."

Dr.██████ and Dr.██████ volunteer for ███ post duty.

Dr.██████'s and Dr.██████'s letter to grandchildren.
"We are getting old, mountain air and sunlight would do us good"

With SCP not showing any changes in activity over the course of the year, Safe classification has been suggested.

Dr.██████ requests a transfer for health reasons.
Dr. Ivan K███████ is sent to "████ Post".

K███████'s superior to supervisor of site-██
"Dr. Ivan K███████ has some anger management issues and is really ruining the teamwork in my department. We tried all kinds of approaches, but he seems to just want to do his own thing and snaps at anyone who doesn't let him. I believe the best course of action at this junction is to relocate him to ████ Post"

Dr.██████, having served on SCP-565 site for a full 5 years, has requested a transfer, due to "That stupid Ivan being too hot-blooded for my old bones".
Dr.A████skiy is sent to "sun duty" Reason cited as "Playing too much with safety rules".

Dr.A████skiy mail to Dr.M███████, prior to leaving for Ural site - 12.11.1984
"it is a shame the supes didn't like me research directions with those SCPs. I am bit angry they didn't let me finish my research proper tho.
Either way, i have tons of great ideas about new research, could use some time to flesh it out all hermit-like.
Plus, i hear Urals is awesome skiin', hope that lil' sun won't need that much attention"

Dr.A████skiy mail to Dr.M███████ - 08.05.1985
"Guess what, the village 50kms from us actually has a functional mail service.
It is really awesome out here! There is that righteous ski slope right outside the post, the sunsets kick major behind, and the lil' sun makes it like an indoor resort inside. I am gettin' some epic readin' done in my shifts, got some ideas for some projects, too, my supe should be reading my proposals right now.
I'm here with a guy named Ivan. He is awesome. Has been here a year now, knows every tree and stump around here.
He is all serious on the outside, but challenge him a bit, let him show off, and he really surprises you. We came up with that amazing pulley system to get back up the mountain after you rode down. And then Ivan came up with an idea to make an indoor pool here, Should be ez with all the snow and wood. Ivan knows some real nice wood building tech, it's amazing! We decided to extend the room with the sun, so we can really have some lounging around on the job.
You really should try and make it for vacation here. This spring in mountains is amazing. I'll send you some photos!"

Attached photographic material

Dr.A████skiy's superior to supervisor of site-██
"I understand why you would be concerned over seemingly lax security over at post SCP-565. However, the 12 hour shifts are being maintained, and i don't see outside activities as a problem, due to Safe classification of SCP-565. On another note, Dr.A████skiy has really made some headway with research into containment of SCPs-███, ███ and ███, termination of ███ and made some good suggestions for weaponisation of ███. I say let him have his good time, he seems to really thrive on it."


With more SCP sites being constructed in ██████, █████ and █████, the popular SCP personnel vacation spot "sun post" becomes a frequent transit reroute point. This coincides with increased energy activity of SCP-███. Also there are mail reports of everyone visiting the site expressing feelings of affection towards "the little sun in the sauna near the pool".

Supervisor of site-██
"Due to growing importance of ████ post, I'd like to revisit it's security measures. SPC-███ seems to be increasing it's energy output. Going by these reports, soon enough it will start melting it's own glass container. Furthermore, the universal fondness of everyone visiting that place and seeing the "sun" may indicate a psychic alteration via visual channel.
I move to reclassify the "sun" as Euclid and enact more strict security measures.
At the same time, we are ready to go forward with termination of SCP-███ and complete containment of ███, as per dr.A████skiy's suggestions. Ironically enough, both of these require cold environment with reduced air pressure and as far from civilisation as possible. Guess the mountain resort inspired A████skiy in more ways then one. I think it would be a good idea to relocate the SPCs in question to SPC-███'s site and have A████skiy handle the procedures personally."

site-███ is becoming a regular place of containment and termination of the more dangerous SCPs in the region. This results in increased personnel fluctuations and coincides with fluctuations in SCP-███'s energy output. This was pointed out by one of the junior researchers at site-███, and later confirmed through experimentation.

Dr.P██████████sky monthly report on SCP-███
"… the containment should be able to withstand a further 20% increase in energy emissions.
One interesting thing i noted in the SCP-███ energy dynamic is that it seems the energy level of SCP seems to drop every time there is a containment breach with casualties.
The January and October containment breaches, involving SCPs ███, ███ and ███ had no casualties and thus didn't reflect on SCP-███. However, the March breach in which SCP-███ devoured dr Dr.A████skiy and 7 other D-level, Research and military personnel, saw a decrease of energy emissions by █%. A much more massive November breach, that took a third of the station personnel, including Dr. Ivan K███████, resulted in SCP-565 dropping it's emissions by a whole ██%.
I made a hypothesis that the emission power is proportional to the amount of people in SCP's vicinity, plotted it against 198x-199x data, and saw a very clear formulaic relationship, as detailed on the attached graph."

<Graph unavailable due to clearance restrictions>


Dr.M███████ puts forth a proposal for using SCP-565's emissions to power the site.

Dr.M███████'s proposal to provisional supervisor of site-███
"Due to our remote location, the issue of having a reliably supply of electricity is non-trivial. The power grid cable has let us down one time too many, directly contributing to the casualty tally of the latest security breach. A lot of staff, including my beloved Ivan, could be saved if we had energy reserves for at least one more day.
With the new understanding of the workings of SCP-565, i propose to reclassify it as "Safe" and use it as a source of power for the site, by utilising high-performance solar panels.
The exact technical proposal is supplied."

Reply from supervisor of site-██ and former provisional supervisor of site-███:
"Having went other your proposal, i feel that granting it would be prudent both in terms of site-███'s security and in terms of financial costs of maintaining the site.
However, some stipulations need to be added for the event of unexpected behaviour of SCP-565 itself. I am fine with using it to keep the new larger backup accumulators filled, as well as for supplying energy for day-to-day requirements. I am not fine with the site ending up completely reliant on an SCP power source.
I am willing to accept the plan, provided you modify it to use normal power grid as a backup energy source.
On another note, your work towards maintaining the working order on site-███ through all the recent security breaches has been noticed by superiors, and i gladly inform you that O5-███ approved you for the position of permanent supervisor of site-███.
Consider developing a safe and secure way to make use of "little sun" your inauguration assignment"

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