Item #: SCP-1MF40

Object Class: Singers

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1MF40 are to be contained inside a metal chamber with speakers, microphones, leather seats, thongs and rugs. Optional elements are disco balls, iPods, women, bikinis and anyone who can shuffle.

Description: SCP-1MF40 are two objects who express themselves vocally. They both can dance and infect people with the urge to join in and start dancing for no reason. They are both men, one with an afro and the other with a pair of sunglasses. The one with the afro has no sexual reproduction organs and so depends on his counter part for the reproduction stage. Aside from the two, they have an unknown companion with a cardboard box over his head who is entirely flammable against any element of fire. They prefer to refer to him as their offspring. We, however, refer to him as someone who's lost his mind.

These so called "experiments" rival against Male Gaga and Beiber Beiber.

Addendum: A couple of workers who went in to check on SCP-1MF40 were inflicted with a disease dubbed "party rock" and therefore could not stop shuffling.

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