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SCP-XXX-3, after destruction by Agent D████

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-1 is to be contained in a small, unfurnished holding cell at Site 15. This cell is to be monitored via closed-circuit camera at all times. Should containment be breached, all personnel that have recovered from Stage 2 or beyond are to be gathered up and administered stimulants. Should any fall asleep, they are to be terminated and their bodies incinerated. All specimens of SCP-XXX other than SCP-XXX-1 are to be terminated on sight and their remains brought to Site 15 for storage. At no time is any candle wax to be brought within twenty meters of any specimen of SCP-XXX aside from preapproved testing.

Description: SCP-XXX-1 appears to be a stylized white wax statue of an emaciated child with blank black eyes, approximately one meter in height. Terminated specimens and pieces of 'living' specimens show the properties of unremarkable candle wax; however, a 'living' example of SCP-XXX is mobile, and appears to be semisolid. The only method of destruction shown to be one hundred percent effective is melting, or, preferably incineration; SCP-XXX-1 has shown no adverse effect from the removal of a leg other than the normal disability of a missing limb. Any instance of SCP-XXX that is physically threatened will attempt to retreat to its normal viewing distance and continue watching its target.

When presented with a live human being, SCP-XXX will take up a sitting position approximately 1.5 meters from its target (hereafter referred to as SCP-XXX-A) and begin to stare at SCP-XXX-A. If its target should attempt to leave, SCP-XXX will follow, maintaining its distance and gaze. SCP-XXX-A generally undergoes the following stages over the course of the next 24 hours:

Stage 1: SCP-XXX-A experiences a large increase in appetite, decreased initiative, and slight lethargy. This stage lasts approximately twelve hours.
Stage 2: SCP-XXX-A reports tiredness and shortness of breath, as well as a vastly decreased initiative and desire to perform basic tasks. This stage lasts approximately three hours.
Stage 3: SCP-XXX-A becomes sluggish and responds slowly to any outside stimulus, if at all. This stage lasts approximately nine hours.

After all three stages run their course, SCP-XXX-A will abruptly cease any activity and seek a dark, hidden area to lie down. If restrained for more than five minutes, SCP-XXX-A will simply pass out. At this time, SCP-XXX-A's bones and internal organs will begin transforming into the same wax-like substance that comprises SCP-XXX. After approximately six hours, SCP-XXX-A's skin will melt off and a new instance of SCP-XXX will emerge.

SCP-XXX was brought to the attention of the Foundation when Agent D████, stationed in ████████, █████, investigated the reported disappearance of a small village. A single local returned from a visit reporting the village deserted and that he'd been followed by a 'wax demon.' The man fell asleep midway through guiding Agent D████, who was then targeted by a specimen of SCP-XXX. After cutting it to pieces with his field knife, Agent D████ called for Foundation support, and the village was cleared of its infestation. The guide completed the transformation while in Foundation custody, and was labeled SCP-XXX-1.

Addendum XXX-A: Experiments have determined that multiple instances of SCP-XXX cannot accelerate the transformation of SCP-XXX-A. Additionally, subjects that are removed from the presence of SCP-XXX before the final two hours of Stage 3 can make a partial or full recovery, depending on the length of time exposed. Any such subjects exposed again will progress at approximately three times the rate of unexposed subjects. █.█% of those exposed have shown the opposite, however—increased resistance to the process. Research staff believe this to be brought on by repeated short-term exposure; Agent D████ has shown this resistance, and is to be assigned to searches for SCP-XXX if available.

Addendum XXX-B: After incident XXX-3, no wax products are to be brought into the presence of any instance of SCP-XXX. When a partially dismembered SCP-XXX-8 was presented with three unused candles [DATA EXPUNGED] restoration of its damaged areas and the deaths of eight Foundation personnel.

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