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Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When the object is not in experimentation, it must be placed upon dirt directly in contact with the Earth. Clay does not work for this, neither does stone. Under no circumstances should any other material touch the SCP; this includes flesh (live or dead), plastics, organic materials, other stones, or metals. When moving the SCP for experimentation, it should be placed upon a pallet of Earth at least 2m thick- under no circumstances should it buried; this will slow the increase in weight to a managable level. For extended moves of times greater than 2 hours, the SCP should be placed upon dirt for at least a half hour every two hours.

Description: SCP-xxx is a piece of hematite rock with an apparently extraterrestrial origin. It was discovered in Northern Mongolia in [REDACTED] by a British Research team. Upon learning of its strange properties, it was seized by the Foundation.
The rock in question is roughly 20cm cubic with an irregular face and has a dull grey luster. Other colors can be observed when light is shined directly on it, most commonly colors at the higher end of the spectrum (purple, blue).
The stone exhibits properties of mass amplification in a manner that has not yet been discovered. What is known is that the weight increases in a pattern that apparently consistent with a fibbonaci series. The period of weight increase, however, has been shown to waver between 1s and 15s. While it is hard to get an accruate measure of the weight due to this factor, it is believed that the object weighs roughly 17kg.
While placed upon dirt, the stone behaves as a stone normally would. When the stone is touched by any other object of size greater than .5mm, it turns itself so that the the object it directly beneath the stone. How it does this is also under investigation, but it is believed to have something to do with the object's mass control. The stone's weight will increase until the object in question has been crushed into powder. The stone itself appears to be basically immune to damage; any attempts to inflict damage upon the stone activate the rotation mechanism as well as the mass increase mechanism.
There is no reason at this point to assume any level of sentience.

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