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Image of SCP-███ undergoing [DATA EXPUNGED] has been removed by O5-██ to prevent [DATA EXPUNGED]

Item #: SCP-███

Object Class: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-███ is to be contained at a [REDACTED], in a chamber made of [REDACTED], with [DATA EXPUNGED] for constant monitoring, and [DATA EXPUNGED] as a countermeasure for [DATA EXPUNGED], along with systems to ensure [DATA EXPUNGED].

All security personnel assigned to SCP-███ are must be [REDACTED], however personnel assigned to directy [DATA EXPUNGED] must be [REDACTED].

SCP-███ must be [DATA EXPUNGED] with [REDACTED] at least every ██ hours.

In the event that SCP-███ cannot be [DATA EXPUNGED], [DATA EXPUNGED] must be activated to prevent contact with human beings until it can be [DATA EXPUNGED] with [REDACTED].


SCP-███ is a [DATA EXPUNGED] made of [DATA EXPUNGED] and [REDACTED], and apparently has the capability to [DATA EXPUNGED], as similar [REDACTED] have shown abilities such as [DATA EXPUNGED].

When SCP-███ comes into contact with any [REDACTED] organism, it will [DATA EXPUNGED] and cause the organism to [DATA EXPUNGED], with the [REDACTED] based on similarity of [REDACTED] to humans.

SCP-███ was recovered from [REDACTED] by MTF-[REDACTED] after reports of [DATA EXPUNGED] caused SCP-███'s ability to [DATA EXPUNGED], mistakenly interpreted as [DATA EXPUNGED] by the locals.

All humans within ██ meters of SCP-███ are compelled to [DATA EXPUNGED] it, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED]. However, [REDACTED] humans will [DATA EXPUNGED] instead, preventing the response. The compulsion or [DATA EXPUNGED] lasts ██ minutes.

Visual contact with SCP-███ will result in the exposed human undergoing [DATA EXPUNGED], however due to [DATA EXPUNGED], they will still be able to preform [DATA EXPUNGED] on SCP-███ if under the compulsion. [REDACTED] humans undergo [DATA EXPUNGED] instead.

Every ██ hours, SCP-███ will compel all humans that are [REDACTED] to [DATA EXPUNGED] it via [DATA EXPUNGED] instead of the telepathic mechanisms expected from [REDACTED]. While use of actual [REDACTED] is prohibitively costly, use of [REDACTED] as a substitute has been approved by O5-██. If SCP-███ is not [DATA EXPUNGED] with [REDACTED] within ██ hours of compulsion, SCP-███ will [DATA EXPUNGED] on contact with a human being, and will slowly [DATA EXPUNGED] eventually resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED].

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