Lucky Stampede
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is surrounded by two plastic construction fences, extending 2 meters apart, reinforced with chain-link and topped by barbed wire. A 30 meter "no man's land" between the two fences is to be kept free of vegetation via judicious application of herbicides and insecticides once a month, accomplished via remote drones sterilized immediately after completion. Motion-activated security cameras equipped with a remote-controlled turret firing 5.56 mm rounds, operated from Site XXX 5 km away, are spaced 50 meters apart along the secondary fence perimeter. Construction on a tertiary concrete fence is underway. Tertiary fence completed, and serves as current defensive perimeter. Construction of a quaternary barrier is underway and containment policy is under review. See Addendum.

During monthly chemical applications, no-man's-land should be checked for signs of SCP-XXXX activity. If SCP-XXXX is noted to have infiltrated the no-man's-land, the first perimeter fence is to be abandoned and a tertiary fence established. See Incident-XXX

Description: SCP-XXXX is an abnormally large colony of Polyergus ants located in the Amazon basin at coordinates [REDACTED]. Its current territory covers an area of roughly 20 square kilometers. The central colony is a mound approximately 7 meters tall at the center of the former village of [REDACTED]. The ants themselves appear normal in every way.

Like many Polyergus ants this colony practices "slavery," capturing others to provide labor for the colony. Unlike most Polyergus ants, SCP-XXXX is capable of enslaving humans. This process requires the ants to swarm and bite the human. The mechanism of enslavement is currently unknown, as Polyergus are non-venomous and captured specimens offer no insight. The number of bites necessary to cause enslavement is unknown. The biting is unnecessary to the enslavement process. The pain and distraction it causes is merely the avenue for psychic infiltration, performed via pheremones and enhanced by the ants using their mandibles to cling. Particularly weak-willed individuals can be enslaved without biting given sufficient numbers in proximity.

Enslaved humans (hereafter called SCP-XXXX-1) do not display any of the traits normally associated with those who are mind-controlled. They retain their previous personality and autonomy, the only change being their highest goal is changed to serving SCP-XXXX. This presents difficulties in containment as instances of SCP-XXXX-1 still within the quarantine zone have shown remarkable resourcefulness in attempts to aid the colony's spread. See Incident Reports.

Addendum: Notes on capture and discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered when shipments of sugar were found severely deficient. Suspecting widespread skimming and perhaps black market sales to a competitor, the XXXX XXXX corporation sent investigators with private security firm XXXXXXXXXX providing backup due to previous incidents with labor in the region. One member of this security detail escaped and provided intel that led to Foundation involvement. See Interview-XXXX.

Initial Foundation contact by Mobile Task Force XXXX "Funny Name" revealed the extent of infestation by SCP-XXXX. Humans of all ages were found working the sugar fields, indifferent to the ants that swarmed around their feet and climbed over their bodies. Inside houses, XXXX-1 instances set entire banquets but only took a few bites before leaving the rest to be devoured by ants. Missing XXXX XXXX investigator XXXX XXXXXXXX was found occupying a position of leadership among the community, directing others to better follow the will of "The Colony." A hostile response followed shortly as missing members of the XXXXXXXXXX security team attacked the MTF. MTF suffered casualties in the exchange, but security only shot to wound. Agents who were grounded or simply too slow were quickly swarmed by SCP-XXXX, then turned their weapons on surviving agents. Orders from Captain XXXX authorized kill switch activation, resulting in 100% unit casualties and XX enemy casualties.

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