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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a human child of chinese descent with extremely pale skin and short black hair. The humanoids body constantly secretes a liquid toxin that has an instant pacification effect on the victims and over time seems to have an effect on the physiology of the victims causing the body to gain elasticity roughly 50% of bodymass is lost over the period of thirty minutes. Once the process is complete the humanoid will approach the victim, its mouth unhinging and opening up like a snake to enable it to ingest the victim whole.

Over a period of a few days the humanoid will be unable to move with its body with a massive bulge in its stomach that will steadily decrease. When it has finished breaking down and absorbing what it can from what its victim it will spit out what it can't. SCP-XXXX is also cold blooded and requires heat to stay active, without heat it has difficulties digesting its food or even moving. Despite it being cold blooded its body can still constantly secrete the toxin from its body.

After the discovery of two other humanoids matching SCP-XXXX in appearance and having been witnessed hunting in the same way and were found and cornered during a follow-up investigation but were unable to be captured, escaping the operatives sent to obtain them. As of these incidents Mobile Task Force Tau-1 was formed in order to investigate other entities like SCP-XXXX and to capture the two humanoids that had previously escaped. During the attempt to capture the two humanoids both were found in separate locations and environments. It was discovered that SCP-XXXX can suddenly vomit forth what its body is digesting in order to enable a faster escape should it need it.

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