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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be confined within a windowless 5m x 5m chamber with walls of reinforced concrete. Two security cameras are to be maintained in the chamber and replaced as needed, either by robot probes or by blindfolded Class D personnel (cloth blindfolds only—no visors). All surveillance of SCP-XXX is to performed via these security cameras. No other glass is permitted except for experimental purposes (with the approval of Level 2 staff).

Description: SCP-XXX has the appearance of a gaunt, Caucasian female human with no face. The back, top, and sides of the subject's head are normal, with unkempt black hair. The anterior of its head is simply a hole. This hole is perpetually black, even when it is directly illuminated.

SCP-XXX possesses the telekinetic ability to manifest a concussive force up to ███ Newtons. So far, it has only used this power to defend itself or to break glass. The subject seems compelled to break any glass in its vicinity. Large panes of glass will provoke an immediate response, but SCP-XXX may wait as long as a week before smashing smaller pieces such as drinking glasses or camera lenses.

Making "eye contact" with SCP-XXX (i.e. looking at its hole while it is facing towards them) will result in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Photographs and live camera feeds are safe to view.

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