Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter [Reclassified by O5-█ [██/██/20██]]

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in an airtight titanium containment cell sized 1x1x1m. The cell is to be guarded at all times by Security Personnel who have been surgically deafened. The specimen is to be fed weekly in the amount of one female (1) Class D explicitly chosen by O5-█. The only key to this containment cell is to remain in the possession of O5-█. Access to the specimen is by approval of O5-█ only. Attempted violation of access policy is grounds for immediate termination.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a doll of a vaguely humanoid/quadruped amalgam, covered in fine leather, with glass eyes and a zipper for a mouth. Inside its mouth is another layer sealed by zipper, and another layer behind that. Current testing indicates over 8 levels. Specimen has a full skeletal system, which has been revealed to be specially-sized links of chain, including longer links for long bones and a series of smaller, finer links within the tail.

After the location and initial inspection of SCP-XXX, it was noted to be alive and, later, to be sentient. The specimen has learned to speak English, though its method of speech is not currently known. When questioned, it talks mostly of being “Number Sixteen” – the only moniker it will respond to – of missing its creator, and of wondering where “the others” are. It states its date of creation as ██/██/19██, though it knows little other than that. It seems very sociable and friendly, almost childlike, but is not interested in anything other than the few topics it specifically mentions.

SCP-XXX feeds by tearing flesh apart with its series of zipper-mouths. Its method of digestion is entirely unknown. It prefers the meat of still-living animals and creates no waste. It moves very clumsily and sluggishly, possibly due to the highly flexible nature of its joints.

When using a face compositing kit to attempt to determine its creator, [DATA EXPUNGED]
Testing of the leather skin of SCP-XXX revealed it to be human. DNA profiling [DATA EXPUNGED]
When asked for further information about “the others,” SCP-XXX stated [DATA EXPUNGED]
Further testing along any of these lines ANY LINES is grounds for immediate demotion to Class D.
Specimen is incredibly dangerous. Any inquiries regarding this creature must be made directly with me.- O5-█

I'm going for a conspiracy feel to this one. It's clearly still very raw. Thoughts?

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