Macroscopic Atom

Item #: SCP-1088

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1088 is stored in an emptied atrium in Sector-█, with no security cameras. SCP-1088 is to be contained in the room by magnetic fields on all walls (is this viable?). A barometer is in this room, and in the event of a decrease in pressure consistent with the SCP exiting (need a better word for this) will activate an alarm, whereupon an area ███ kilometers from the containment room is to be searched for SCP-1088. If the SCP is not located within this radius, a wider search will be required. Any personnel entering SCP-1088's containment are to wear thick rubber suits to minimize the risk of electrocution, as well as to remove all metal on their person due to the aforementioned magnetic fields.

Description: SCP-1088 is apparently a carbon-12 atom. It displays no anomalous properties other than its size; it is approximately 25 cm in diameter, making it approximately 50 billion times larger than normal C12 atoms.

Coming into direct contact with SCP-1088's electron cloud will result in near-instant electrocution and death due to the ionized electrons.

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle applies to SCP-1088, meaning that if observed by any means, human or mechanical, there is a chance of it spontaneously "teleporting" to a different location. This will move the atom anywhere within ████ kilometers of its previous position, though in 90% of recorded instances this distance is less than ██ km.

Though the square/cube laws appear to apply, giving SCP-1088 a mass proportionate to those of normal-sized carbon-12 atoms, SCP-1088 still weighs a negligible amount, being high on the periodic table, and therefore can be supported without contact easily. SCP-1088 also does not appear to have any atomic bonds, though this is presumed to be the result of its size.

SCP-1088 was discovered when several people were found dead in the Northern ██████████ Mountains. Cause of death was determined to be lightning strike, though no electrical storms had been in the area recently. After several perople in the area reported seeing a ghost or apparition, local Foundation personnel were alerted. SCP-1088 was contained several days later, after it electrocuted Agent B██████ Schaefer.

SCP-1088 appears to be naturally occuring, and several possible reasons for its size are currently being researched.

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