SCP 9503

Clearance level 3

Item # SCP 9503

Object Class euclid

Special Containment procedures
The Bracelet is to be contained in a 2x2x2
bulletproof glass container at all times…that
means you can't touch Dr.bright

SCP 9503 is a black leather bracelet
with steel engraved beads. when worn the bracelet
gives the wearer extreme confidence, strength and
invincibility and invisibility. the bracelet glows when
worn and become hot then burn engravings into the
skin and burns will never heal. the burns still have the
effects of the bracelet for the rest of the wearers life
unless the bracelet is worn by another person at which
point the old wearer dies. the only known method of
countering the burns is wearing either SCP 714 or by
wearing a heat proof bracelet under SCP 9503
the effects are still there even when the bracelet is worn
on top of another

when burned by the beads the wearer does not feel the
burns inflicted by the beads

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