Magnus' Sandbox

Welcome to Magnus' Super Ethical Reality Sandbox!

My Author Page, for posted works

My archive page, for works that are either posted, or not going to be posted

See below for my works in progress!

Hey gang! Would you like to use these?

Yes DrMagnus!

Awesome! I suggest you do! They're feedback advice, and advice from some of the better authors on the site. And magnus.

We don't like Magnus

Meeee too! ….wait. Whatever, the code is below the actual quote. Just snip snip snip!

Gee DrMagnus, that seems too easy!

It is, tiny citizen! Included in the code is a collapsible block!

Collapsible block?

Yup! Include, or disinclude it, as needed! Now get out of my sandbox, you cretins!

Die in a fire Magnus!

Oh, kids. If only I were so lucky.

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