Maligned Sandbox

It stands upon reason that because the universe is constantly moving towards complete entropy, the formation of a State of Malign is inevitable.


Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-xxx is to be kept in a 30x60ft enclosure. The enclosure should contain a number of climbing surfaces, trees, and fine soil flooring. In addition, the enclosure should have at least one source of clean water. Because of the occasionally violent (but very rarely lethal) nature of SCP-xxx, it is recommended that it is kept under supervision by security camera and a member of staff to inspect the cage regularly. While not completely necissary, it is requested that inspections are carried out by a licensed zoologist.

Description: SCP-xxx is a lemur (I'll get to this part later, I want to talk about what it does in the meantime). SCP-xxx does not subsist on the normal diet of Fruits and Insects. When confronting an animal of any species that has an open wound, SCP-xxx will tackle or otherwise restrain the injured animal and proceed to cover the wound with saliva. After roughly two minutes of this behavior, SCP-xxx will consume the saliva, and the wound will have completely healed (usually, there will be minor scarring, even in cases where scarring wouldn't be normal for the type of injury.) Chemical analysis of the saliva shows that it contains a number of highly complex protein chains that do not normally occur in nature. SCP-xxx appears to prefer feeding off of injured humans, and will feed off of them first before any other injured animals presented to it. With the exception of [Data Expunged], there have been no ill side effects reported as a result of interactions with SCP-xxx.

Agent Malign's Logistics Proposal

The Problem

Because of the nature of it's mission, The Foundation has never been a truely 'Organized' entity. Part of that disorganization is intentional, a passive method for deterring our opponents. For example, the Numerical designations of SCP objects are assigned at random to make it harder to obtain information on a specific type of SCP. There are several different ways that Foundation staff are recruited, [Level 3 Clearance Required] which results in a more diverse and effective workforce.

Unfortunately,we have not had similar success in the field of logistics. With few exceptions, MTFs are equipped with whatever equipment happens to be available. In many cases, there isn't enough weaponry or other equpment of a high enough quality for the Task Forces to perform their duties to their fullest potential. Another setback is that 'mixing and matching' equipment means that personnel are going into action with gear that is incompatable with that of their comerades. Because of the CQC and Guerrilla tactic intensive methods required by most MTF work, it is of vital importance that each member of a unit is familiar with the equipment and could, if needed, be able to take equipment from an incapacitated member and have no difficulties or inconsistencies regaurding it's use.

It is worth noting that the lack of standardization has a different consequence for field agents. Field Agents typically work alone and if they see combat, it is far less intense than that seen by the MTFs. As such, Agents are armed quite literally with whatever they can get their hands on and get approved by their surperiors. On the other hand, communications and electronic equipment in general would be more cost effective if standardized rather than scavenged.

The Solution

Fortunately, the solution is both simple and the first steps have already been completed.

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