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File refrence-0877 exterior of SCP-1945-A
containment photo of SCP-1945-A

Item #: SCP-1945

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-1945 is to be kept at Site-18 in Climate Controlled Containment, electronic devices are not permitted with in 200 meters of the containment cell without permission from at least one Level 4 Site Director. A Large Scale Environmental Control Unit has been installed on the north cubic face to be monitored at all times for fluctuations in temperature. All maintenance, ultrasound and routine checks on SCP-1945 are to be carried out via the access frame elevator on the north-east side. In the event of a catastrophic power failure SCP-1945's containment cell is fitted with two back up power generators. Bio hazard drainage systems have been installed in the floor surrounding SCP-1945; all contact with biological material excreted by SCP-1945 is prohibited, for samples consult Dr ███████. All data on the Asymptomatic loop event is to be recorded and archived.

Description: SCP-1945 consists of two structures, SCP-1945-A and SCP-1945-B.

SCP-1945-A is the large cube containing the exterior region of SCP-1945-B. It is composed of a durable metal similar to Tungsten. As of yet there is no known way of penetrating SCP-1945-A limiting research to regular ultrasound scanning, xray and 24 hour monitoring of the feed. Despite its metallic surface, exhibits symptoms similar to those of an organism with stage 1 brain cancer.
Examples of these anomalous properties include:

  • 9:00 - 8:00pm the surface of SCP-1945-A will excrete layer of viscus fluid. Samples taken prove the fluid to be human perspiration.
  • A large mass of has been known to leak from the bottom of SCP-1945-A's structure.

SCP-1945-B Is a shared house contained within SCP-1945-A. Four cameras appear to have been installed and are located throughout the building, the origin of these cameras is unknown. The feed is picked up wirelessly via any electronic device in a 200 meter radius, this format does not include audio. SCP-1945-B is inhabited by five human males and two females estimated to be near 23-30 years old. The seven inhabitants of the studio do not age or posses the ability to speak. Subjects pace in circles around the SCP-1945-B , this behavior loop is designated lysogenic dormant state (LDS) and continues through to the Asymptomatic loop event detailed below. A camera on the basement level of SCP-1945-B depicts a large biomass resembling a cerebellum which pulsates at a constant 120bpm. Two large fan units protrude from the top, and two smaller vents are built in to the sides as well as a large sliding access panel on the front.

Note from dr ██████.

I theorize that SCP-1945 is somehow linked with an existing cancer patient. It's possible that this person is stuck in a loop of brain death. This loop may look like any number of things, however it is my urging recommendation that both a thorough search into "long living coma victims" and an E.Wirths Telekinetic link test be conducted to try and locate this individual.


Anomalous properties of SCP–1945 become apparent during the Asymptomatic loop event (ALE). For reference, the first recorded event has been attached to this Secure Containment Protocol.

SCP–1945 was discovered in the Algar Do Carvão caves after a Category 4 hurricane formed off the coast of the island. Excavation and transport took place 12/6/████.

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