The Watcher
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A picture of SCP-XXX, taken in ███████, Ontario.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-1 is to be isolated in the center of an empty cell, no more or less than 4 x 4 x 3 meters in dimension. The cell is to be constructed of reinforced steel-lead alloy walls of at least 20 cm in thickness. The cell is to have only one entrance: a double-locked door of steel-lead alloy, of at least the same thickness as the walls. Two armed guards are to be posted outside the cell at all times to prevent unauthorized entrance.

Description: The object, hereafter referred to as SCP-XXX-1 is an old, straight-backed wooden chair. The chair is 112.6 cm tall, with the seat located at 55.9 cm off the ground. The frame is constructed of low quality oak of faded coloration. The seat is a simple wicker square in a cross-thatch pattern. It is worn from what appears to be centuries of use and has a number of holes in its construction. Basic testing proved that the artifact is comprised of normal oak and woven plant fibers with no anomalous qualities. Carbon dating techniques place the artifact at about two hundred years in age.

Test subjects report feelings of unease and fear when in the same room as the artifact. Subjects also report the sensation that the chair is 'watching.' When SCP-XXX-1 is used as a seat, subjects report the sensation of 'another presence' (SCP-XXX-2) in the room. They often express a conviction that a sentient entity is watching them, staying just out of sight. This perceived entity continually whispers to the subject in their native language, offering them disturbing advice regarding the subject's life. Audio recordings have picked up a quiet, constant hum of voices when the seat is active. Analysis of these recordings reveals that each voice is speaking in a different language. Thus far Arabic, Latin, Old German, [REDACTED], and a number of other modern and archaic languages have been identified, translations pending. Eyewitness testimony from observers, meanwhile, has reported the room to be silent when the artifact is in use.

Subjects report a sense of unease and discomfort that lingers for several hours after using the artifact. This is assumed to be perfectly natural, considering the effects of the object. Within three (3) days, however, subjects will report a sensation of being 'watched' identical to that experienced when sitting on the item. This will persist until seven (7) days after initial exposure to the artifact, whereupon the subject will begin to hear the whispering of SCP-XXX-2 commenting on their life, continually. Its commentary is consistently subversive and nihilistic, often describing 'nothingness' to the subject and suggesting that they 'sleep forever.' After sixteen (16) days, the subject will enter a hypnotic state while asleep. They will disappear entirely and reappear sitting on the object. At this point, the subject [DATA EXPUNGED]. Following this event, the subject is considered, for all practical purposes, dead. From that point on, they are considered indistinguishable from SCP-XXX-2 and are merely a physical host for the entity.

It appears that this state is impossible to avoid after initial contact with the artifact. Keeping the subject awake through drug and shock therapy successfully averted contact between SCP-XXX-1 and the subject for an additional (13) days, after which they were transported, fully awake, in a manner consistent with the normal event. However, being awake during the [DATA EXPUNGED] reported to be screaming [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-XXX-2, now possessing physical form, will attempt to escape its confinement immediately. It has displayed abnormal physical strength and durability, as well as an ability to [DATA EXPUNGED], leaving no trace. The voices of those affected in this manner have later been recorded in the hum of speech the object generates when active. The entity will continue to attempt to breach containment until the body of its host is killed. Incendiary weapons exceeding 2000 degrees Celsius have been shown to be the most effective in neutralizing the host body.

Addendum-XXXa: SCP-XXX-2 has shown itself to be somewhat cooperative with interviews if its physical host can be restrained without killing it. It continues to seek any opening or advantage of surprise to escape, however, and should be regarded with suspicion whenever it ceases resistance to its captivity.

Interview XXX-2a:
[SCP-XXX-2 is immbolized by a high-potency neurotoxin, administered with twenty times the lethal dose for an average human being. Entity is further restrained with high-strength polymer cables and steel-alloy shackles. SCP-XXX-2 speaks to Dr. Shigekuni only in Japanese, and refuses to respond to questions in any other language then Shigekuni's native Japanese. The below transcription is translated for understanding.]

Dr. Shigekuni: Can you understand me, XXX?

SCP-XXX-2: This is not our name.

Dr. Shigekuni: What do you mean?

SCP-XXX-2: Always questions, no answers, always. So curious and short-lived.

Dr. Shigekuni: What is your name?

SCP-XXX-2: [falls silent. Soft voices speaking in what sounds like a dialect of 11th century Arabic are recorded]

Dr. Shigekuni: Why did you attempt to breach containment?

SCP-XXX-2: It cannot be completed without more…

Dr. Shigekuni: What cannot be completed?

SCP-XXX-2: [falls silent]

Dr. Shigekuni: Please answer the question.

SCP-XXX-2: Should you not worry about yourself, Dr. Shigekuni? Your family is so lonely, thinking that you've died. Is such a career worth it, giving up everything that came before?

Dr. Shigekuni: That's not what I asked. Stay focused on the questions, please. What is your goal?

SCP-XXX-2: I need more… more of you… [Soft voices tentatively identified as a form of Proto-Norse speech are recorded]

Dr. Shigekuni: Answer the question, please. What is your goal?

[At this point, SCP-XXX-2 managed to break it's restraints, resulting in the activation of an automatic kill-switch system, terminating its physical host before it could cause serious harm to Dr. Shigekuni. The Doctor was treated for moderate injuries and resumed his duties within two days.]

Addendum-XXXb: It has been theorized that a host of SCP-XXX-2 would be released from the entity's control, alive, assuming the entity was successful at completing it's unknown goal. However, as such success could constitute anything from containment breach to a extinction event, any testing into this particular avenue is strictly prohibited.

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