Mass Physchosis SCP 1441

Object Class: Euclid/Keter (Pending 05 Approval)

Special Containment Procedures: As of █/ ██/ ██ no containment procedures has been devised. All subjects affected by 1441(Hereby referred to as SCP-1441-A-E) are to be kept in a standard minimum security cell of standard dimensions. Subjects are not to come in direct contact with personnel at any time, should personnel come in contact with affected individuals they are to be terminated immediately.

Communication with SCP’s 1441-A-E should be limited to writing only. Child safe pen and paper should be distributed to each subject daily. If during mandatory daily psychological screenings subject display’s suicidal tendencies, writing privileges are to be revoked immediately and the subject placed on lockdown until a steady mental state is achieved.
Should for any reason SPC-1441-A-E(s) escape containment, response teams should be dispatched, deadly force is authorized in this event

Description: SCP 1441 is a memetic physiological condition in which acute cases of paranoia develop at an accelerated rate. Subjects affected by 1441 report all the signs of regular paranoia including:

-Apprehensive nature
-Delusional behavior

In addition to these signs of clinical paranoia each affected individual will report that “something” is watching them.
The description of this “something” has varied from case to case (See Addendum 1441-A through E). As a common characteristic between each report the supposed stalker (Henceforward known as SCP-1441-1) is a shadowy figure, variations in size were observed in each report. SCP-1441 supposedly stays just out of eyesight clinging to the shadows and manifests at night or in dark places. Each subject reported a soft whispering to emanate from all directions. The content and context of the whispering varied from individual to individual. In each case a common theme of 1441-1’s speech were primarily threats and personal information about each individual (information such as subject’s phobias as well as names and locations of family/loved ones were observed to be common).

Those affected by 1441 generally seek the help of a loved one or counselor, at this point 1441 manifests itself in a new being thus spreading the disorder. It is unknown at this time how SCP-1441 latches on to a new victim but as of █/ ██/ ██ it is suspected that it is via direct interaction and speech. It is suspected to implant itself in the victim’s subconscious to resurface some time later and repeat the process.

At this point in infection the affected individual will start to become deprived of sleep, reporting that they are being watched, and to many individuals sleep means death. A new phobia of darkness has developed in each new case. When exposed to darkness for any amount of time the subject will begin to scream, beg and cry, after which it has been observed (In the case of 1441-C) that the subject will promptly attempt suicide such as in the case of SCP-1441-C, his statement:


Note: 1441-C was dead upon retrieval after dying from blood loss as a result of gouging out his eyes several minutes after exposure
At this point in time there is no cure for SCP-1441, new cases are random and have occurred in several remote locations across the world. █ new cases are reported annually. In each incident a retrieval team is dispatched to detain and transport new cases. Any subjects that cannot easily be contained are dispatched immediately by armed personnel and cremated on site.

Case Logs

Case SCP-1441-A:
Subject is Caucasian Female, age 31, whom identified themselves as Norma Brown of Salt Lake City Utah.
Describes SCP-1441-1 as a man, one from her childhood. Approximately 2 meters in height and well built. She identifies the man as her childhood pastor of whom she was raped at the age of 11 years. 1441-A reports the pastor whispering to come to him in the dead of the night.
Norma is currently in good physical health and is contained at site █ as of █/█/██

Case SCP-1441-B [REDACTED]

Case SCP-1441-C (Deceased as of █/█/06)

Case SCP-1441-D
Subject is African American Male, age 26, identified as Rafael Stephens of New York City, New York.
Describes SCP-1441-1 as a woman of whom he’s familiar. 1441-C has gone on to elaborate on assaulting and raping the woman six years earlier leaving her presumed dead in an alleyway. 1441-C explains he was never caught but had been noticing her apparition appear as of █/█/██. SCP-1441-B was apprehended during an FBI drug raid attempting suicide and was transported to site █ after a routine sweep of detainee’s via local SCP officials.

Case SCP-1441-E
Subject is of unknown name and origin, was found dead of severe burns covering 93% of the subjects body, presumably after 1441-E set fire to themselves after soaking in gasoline

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