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SCP-XXX containment in ████████ facility

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A worldwide sweep has been initiated to find as many instances of SCP-XXX as possible for acquisition and containment. Due to the extremely common appearance of SCP-XXX in civilian domiciles and their relative safety under most normal circumstances, foundation recovery assets will no longer be actively seeking and collecting these objects on a pre-emptive basis. The foundation will delegate several global monitoring cells to scan the populace for mentions of SCP-XXX or its effects.

In the event that SCP-XXX is discovered or triggered by a civilian, the closest local recovery asset is to be dispatched to collect the object for storage, administer Class-A Amnesiacs to any and all civilians who were made aware of its existence and detain any subjects who opened SCP-XXX for further testing and possible euthanization. A cover story will be provided to any friends and family indicating they died from a severe case of ████████ brought on by exposure to ████, commonly found in dusty corners of storage areas. This will hopefully aid in the dissuading of future examinations of SCP-XXX.

Under no circumstances should any personnel be allowed to open SCP-XXX. Any guards posted in the ████████ facility should have scored below a 25 on curiosity testing before being allowed to work near SCP-XXX’s containment room.

Description: SCP-XXX is a series of boxes that come in many different shapes and sizes. Its appearance is that of cardboard, and material sample tests support that this fact. Known to resemble the boxes surrounding it, it shares their common physical dimensions and level of degradation. SCP-XXX will however, always appear intact enough to remain sealed under its own power. Tending to more closely resemble smaller boxes, it is typically found to be of approximately 30cmx20cmx20cm, but has been found in sizes upwards of ██████████████. Testing has shown that SCP-XXX does not have the ability to change size or shape at will, as it remains in whatever state it was first discovered in despite new surroundings as shown in testing log XXX-01.

The object itself has been classified as safe, as the box does nothing to invite people to open it. Tests with D-Class personnel have suggested that it in fact repels people from it under ordinary circumstances as shown in testing log XXX-02. However, due to the impossibility of containing all instances of SCP-XXX, it has been increased to a Euclid rating.

Subjects who have become aware of SCP-XXX report feelings of anxiety about being within close proximity to it, and often develop a phobia of opening unknown containers. This has been reported to evolve into extreme curiosity over the period of a week. The subjects become increasingly obsessed with knowing the contents of SCP-XXX and in rare instances have even become violent when refused access to it. The subject’s state of mind does not seem to change the effects of opening SCP-XXX.

When opened, subjects report seeing [DATA EXPUNGED] followed by onset of extreme hysteria. Any electronic recording equipment fails during the time period SCP-XXX is open for. Onlookers who can see the inside of the box react similarly to the person opening it. Post initial viewing, hysteria fades after a period of approximately six hours, and subjects become nauseous and complain of a constant sensation of ███████ crawling on their skin. As time progresses, symptoms get worse. Increasing paranoia that something is out to get them. Subjects appear to suffer from severe cases of schizophrenia, reporting being taunted by impossible things taking place when nobody is around. Inanimate objects whispering things to them, and in most cases [DATA EXPUNGED]. This invariably leads to a state of clinical insanity, and often multiple suicide attempts, all of which fail.

Subjects repeatedly tell researchers that SCP-XXX has a secret inside it, but refuse to relay what the secret is, stating that they would open the box if they knew. This has been shown to have a similar effect on researchers as being told about the box has on subjects, as shown when Dr. ██████████ (deceased) broke into a testing chamber being used for SCP-XXX and opened it after holding interviews with several subjects.

Addendum: Almost all subjects and researchers attached to testing of SCP-XXX have been either killed or institutionalised. Dr. █████ has recommended the discontinuing of testing as it has shown no progress beyond consuming resources.

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