Mayday Dancing Lion
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Item #: SCP-1972

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1972 must be kept in 2 layers of cells, a closed wall cell for the inner layer, and an airtight cell of fiberglass material for the outer cell. Materials for the inner cell should withstand high-velocity projectiles exceeding a rate of 360 m/s. Hermetic sealing for the outer cell should be able to contain smoke density comparable to the one from an M18 grenade. An x-ray scanner must be provided to monitor its activities inside the first cell.

Description: SCP-1972 is a 7 meter tall quadruped with a diameter of 5.5 meters. Aside from its legs, SCP-1972 has no other extremities. The specimen is covered with a thick coat of dreadlocked black fur, with a top layer approximately measuring about 5.5 meters, and an undercoat length of 20centimeters.

Subject is observed to have a step routine patterned to an oriental lion dance. A dense screen of white smoke is secreted underneath the specimen during the dance. Test reports indicate that the specimen produce a high pitched sound similar to an air raid siren when hostile. Subject changes smoke color from white to read during this state.

A notable behavior is that the specimen will pause for about 3 to 5 seconds before it shoots out retractable two-flue-tipped chains from its body when hostile. Actual number of projectiles is undetermined. Observations suggest this is SCP-1972’s manner of feeding. Projectiles hook on a target as it retracts back into the subject along with anything it tore off from the target. This process is repeated until the target is completely consumed.

A containment breach occurred on ██/██/████, it was caused when maintenance personnel claimed to have seen some of the researchers trapped inside the outer cell. The specimen is observed to be passive before an extraction team opened the cell. No researchers in that facility admitted that they’ve been locked in during a procedure.

On ██/██/████, another similar case was reported in SCP-1972’s facility. Video recordings confirmed several individuals to be inside the second cell. Individuals displayed unusual locomotive flow comparable to a clockwork toy. The said individuals disappeared when one of the researchers entered the facility.

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