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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Because of SCP-1XXX’s teleportation abilities, containment is impossible without containing SCP-1XXX-1, sot as long as SCP-1XXX-1 is contained then SCP-1XXX is considered to be contained as well. When SCP-1XXX-1 sleeps, they are to be tied to the bed in a straight jacket so that awakening them may be as easy as possible. Currently, SCP-1XXX is not following anyone and is to be kept in an opaque cylinder 1m high with a 1m diameter. Said container is to be monitored at all times and the disappearance of SCP-1XXX is to be reported immediately to the head staff member on site. For safety reasons, only D-Class personnel may enter SCP-1XXX’s containment room without permission from O5 in order to prevent the potential loss of valuable researchers or agents.

Description: SCP-1XXX is a small statuette of a cat-like humanoid, with a black upper body and arms and a sky blue lower body and tail. Its eyes and mouth glow a bright blue with a constant brightness of 180 Lumens. There is a zipper running from SCP-1XXX’s neck to its stomach that cannot be opened.

SCP-1XXX’s anomalous traits are triggered when a human crosses through SCP-1XXX’s field of view. This individual is designated SCP-1XXX-1. SCP-1XXX then begins to follow SCP-1XXX-1, reappearing when it can no longer “see” SCP-1XXX-1. SCP-1XXX usually appears in the corner of a room, out of harm’s way, but always in a place that SCP-1XXX-1 can see from where they are standing (though not immediately). Those being stalked by SCP-1XXX describe feeling like they are being watched by it and that SCP-1XXX is aware, although there is no proof at all that SCP-1XXX is sentient. This feeling of unease builds continuously, often ending in Acute Stress Disorder.

The remainders of SCP-1XXX’s abilities are triggered when SCP-1XXX-1 falls asleep while SCP-1XXX is watching them. Because of SCP-1XXX’s psychological effects, those being stalked do not sleep willingly but eventually collapse from exhaustion. Upon SCP-1XXX-1 entering the first stage of sleep, they will experience a very specific nightmare.

Anyone who falls asleep in the presence of SCP-1XXX who is awakened describes dreams induced by SCP-1XXX starting like a typical day in their life. While dreaming, subjects are unable to awake by themselves and are totally unaware the fact that they are asleep. Even broken bones and lacerations fail to wake those sleeping in the presence of SCP-1XXX. SCP-1XXX-1 are able to awake from a dream caused by SCP-1XXX only by chemical injections such as adrenaline (which can be difficult to administer due to SCP-1XXX’s effects) or a high power shock of at least 2mA (milliamps).

Soon after the dream starts, the subject descends into a labyrinth like underground building where they find themselves alone with little light. In the dream SCP-1XXX-1 report being chased by a large hostile entity that they cannot see, but SCP-1XXX-1 feels can see them. The dream ends with the subject being caught and pinned. If SCP-1XXX-1 is not woken up by this point, they will be killed in the dream (which is determined by what SCP-1XXX-1 says and does) and die physically as well. Death is caused by claw and bite marks appearing on SCP-1XXX-1, especially around the chest and neck. The marks appear feline but bigger than any currently living, the claw marks also appear to be made by a creature with opposable thumbs.

As the dream takes place, SCP-1XXX-1 will start by twitching and running where they sleep, as the dream progresses, they will appear to awaken. In this state SCP-1XXX-1 sees all everything as it is in the dream, possibly seeing them as whatever they believe is chasing them, SCP-1XXX-1 will attempt to break out of containment and escape. At this point SCP-1XXX-1 shows no signs of self-preservation, frequently fracturing bones while attempting to break down the door.

A close-up of SCP-1XXX-2 attacking the camera

Should SCP-1XXX-1 die in the dream, their body will rapidly decay until only dust remains. This dust then reanimates itself into a large, shadowy, muscular humanoid with feline features, such as elongated teeth, fur, claws, and vertical pupils. This entity is designated SCP-1XXX-2 and is intelligent and aggressive, with the ability to fit through holes or cracks small enough for dust. SCP-1XXX-2 can only be destroyed by a shockwave strong enough to blow apart the dust, which is bonded in such a way that it cannot be dispelled by something simple, like leaf blower. The only thing that appears capable of destroying SCP-1XXX-2 are blasts from grenades, RPGs, C4, etc. Bullets and melee weapons simply pass right through it. SCP-1XXX-2 will actively seek out other humans and attack them. Since SCP-1XXX-2 is made of dust its attacks do not injure, but those trapped in close quarters with SCP-1XXX-2 fall unconscious and suffer a nightmare identical to one caused by SCP-1XXX. The risk of a chain reaction mandates that a supply of explosives be kept near SCP-1XXX’s containment incase of a breach.

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