A photograph of SCP-XXX taken by the ██████ local crime scene investigation unit.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept a steel lockbox and kept at least 120 meters away from all field and security personnel. As SCP-XXX’s presence is difficult to directly record, all objects stored with SCP-XXX will be identified by their distance from the steel lockbox for purposes of inventory.

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a throw pillow, dimensions Y” by Z”, with a small bloodstain on one side. It was found by the Foundation after a rash of deaths at ███████ hotel, May ██, ████. Each victim died of negligence or poor judgement. SCP-XXX was collected by the Foundation after it failed to show up in multiple police reports of the event, even though it was found next to the body of [REDACTED], who had multiple [DATA EXPUNGED]. Further image matching of the bloodstain’s shape finds the pillow in multiple crime scene photos going back as far as 15 years, with the earliest record being that of Mrs. [REDACTED], who was sentenced with manslaughter after accidentally smothering her child while trying to quiet it with SCP-XXX. (Possible trigger of SCP-XXX’s origin? - Dr. F) Mrs. [REDACTED] was found holding her dead son, rocking back and forth while crying “Don’t be afraid, everything’s going be okay. Don’t be afraid, everything’s going to be okay. Don’t be afraid…” repeatedly.

SCP-XXX appears to have two associated phenomena. The first effect of SCP-XXX arises after any amount of physical contact or close proximity to the object for ██ minutes or more. Any living being under this effect loses their ability to evaluate dangerous situations. Further contact for more than █ hours impairs judgement as if the subject had a blood alcohol content of 0.0██, and completely removes the subject’s survival instinct, as confirmed by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Effects after exposure for longer than ██ hours are unknown, pending Dr. F███████'s request for a patient in a vegatative state. Extended test logs can be found below.

The secondary effect of SCP-XXX is the inability for subjects within ██ meters to find it threatening or unusual at all, and persons closer than ██ meters will fail to note the pilllow, even if asked to write down all the objects in the room. If this discrepancy is pointed out afterwards, the subject will explain that they “didn’t find [SCP-XXX] notable” or that it “wasn’t worth keeping track of”. At this time, while the two phenomena are related, the root cause and mechanism of either is unknown.

Document 41-A: Incident log
Exposure Duration: 2 minutes
Description: Private ███████ carried SCP-XXX from the Police station evidence to a Foundation van. Afterwards, he removed his firearm and looked down its barrel “to see if it was clogged.”
Notes: May not have been caused by SCP-XXX, ███████ really is that stupid. - Dr. F

Documents 38-9-B: Testing Logs

Test XXX
Exposure Duration:
Test Description:

Test A
Subject: D-835-003
Exposure Duration: 11 minutes
Test Description: Subject asked to enter room and sit down on the provided couch next to SCP-XXX and await further orders.
Results: After the exposure, subject remarked how “boring” the test had been, and asked to be moved to a “more exciting job like SCP-███”.
Notes: How the hell did he know about that SCP? And why would he want to work in a Keter-class containment unit? - Dr. F

Test B
Subject: D-835-003
Exposure Duration: 1 hour
Test Description: Subject asked to return to room and resume waiting on the couch.
Results: Subject became frustrated and attempted to exit the room. When ordered by an armed guard to return to the couch and continue waiting, subject ignored orders and continued exiting.
Notes: At this point, it is unknown if SCP-XXX removes fear or just causes people to do incredibly stupid things. - Dr. F

Test C
Subject: D-791-132
Exposure Duration: None
Test Description: Subject put under hypnotic suggestion combined with photographs of throw pillows to induce a phobia of similar objects, then asked to enter a room containing SCP-XXX.
Results: Subject was able to perceive SCP-XXX, and approached within one meter of the object. However, subject refused to progress any further, under the threat of death.
Notes: While standard protocol calls for termination of D-791-132, Dr. F███████ asked for the inmate to be reassigned to the archival department, in order to keep track of SCP-XXX once it is put into storage.

Test D
Subject: D-191-243
Exposure Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Test Description: Subject previously exposed to SCP-XXX for 4 hours. While on the roof of building ███, subject is ordered to walk to the edge and look down.
Results: Subject jumped.
Notes: None

Test E
Subject: D-818-225
Exposure Duration: 8 hours, 32 minutes
Test Description: Subject was told he was a part of an “endurance study”, and asked to live in a room containing 1 bed, 1 television, 1 DVD player, 1 bookcase containing assorted works of fiction, all containing dangerous or scary situations, and 14 DVDs, a selection of horror and action movies. SCP-XXX was placed on the bed among the other pillows.
Results: After 3 days sleeping next to SCP-XXX, subject complained of recurring dreams of drowning or being buried alive. His reaction to the entertainment became subdued with each passing day. On the 5th night, the subject slept directly on SCP-XXX for over eight hours. When he awoke the next morning, he was very irate and seemed extremely inebriated, cursing the Foundation for locking him up and mentioning “You think you’re so smart, but just you wait! After 3 days my buddies and I are breaking out of here, and then we’ll be free of your damned foundation!”
Notes: Subject was chosen for their passive demeanor and introverted nature, but post-test information gathering revealed the subject was very outspoken against the Foundation among his peers. D-818-225 and his accomplices in this planned breakout have been suitably punished.

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