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Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ is to be kept isolated in a dark room █km below the surface. A speed elevator leading up to Site-██ allows for twice (2) daily feeding and water.

Any request within reason is to be fulfilled, so long as it does not involve breaking the subject's solitude (IE, no animals or humans are to be brought in) or allow for contact with the outside world. Any security personnel or other personnel assigned to SCP-████ are to be castrated females. Only female OS-█ administrators may interact with the subject. Experiments with the subject must be performed at the unanimous agreement of three OS-█ administrators. Full physiological examination and psychological evaluation to be performed on any personnel that comes into contact with SCP-████. In the event of [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-████ is generally content to stay within her quarters as long as her requests are fulfilled. There is no known way of keeping SCP-████ from escaping should it wish to do so. Research on further containment is ongoing. Extreme precaution is to be taken to ensure that the subject does not become agitated despite its solitary confinement, so that the subject does not escape.

Description: SCP-████ is an apparently Caucasian female human of approximately sixteen years of age. Despite her appearance, she claims to be [DATA EXPUNGED], and refers to herself as [DATA EXPUNGED] She has tanned skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes, with an average build and height of a female human of her apparent age. Though invariably and instinctively referred to as "she" by all researchers, SCP-████ is an intersexed creature, having both sets of genitals. She is known to be impossibly strong and durable, and possesses a wide range of peculiar and often disturbing abilities, especially over the human mind and her own physiology.

Upon the presence of a male organism of any kind within ██m of SCP-████, the subject becomes extremely agitated and demands that they leave her presence. If the target, referred to as SCP-████-1, fails to do so in a manner the subject believes timely, the subject's eyes become a vibrantly glowing red, and SCP-████-1's mind activates all receptors associated with anger, hatred, and self-loathing. Most of the time, SCP-████-1 will commit suicide within seconds, but occasionally a strong-willed SCP-████-1 will survive for █ hours in this state, before suffering a stroke. Only one SCP-████-1 has survived past the stroke, and was returned to normal afterwards, though with severe lingering psychological trauma. Testing has proven that SCP-████ is capable of producing this effect onto up to ██ targets, and only limits herself to males out of personal preference for the female gender— she has been shown creating female SCP-████-1 victims if they aggravate her enough. It is unknown what the upper limit to this effect is, but SCP-████ claimed that if she wished she could effect [DATA EXPUNGED], which caused her status to be raised to Keter.

In addition to this, SCP-████ also has the apparent ability to reduce her biological form to red-colored dust, and maintain sentience and even motion while doing so. The dust moves as if it is being pushed along by a non-existent wind (no draft was present in the room at the time). Its composition does not match any known compound or element, and it is capable of phasing through objects at will. Any biological material that is passed through this way instantly dies, while sentients enter a comatose state of lucid dreaming, awakening after SCP-████ has left the premise. All dreams created in this way are the same (see Interview ████-2-2, attached), and so psychic influence is suspected (testing pending). No SCP-████-2 has perished from this event.

Occasionally, SCP-████ will be found in the company of a female of unknown origin and age (labeled SCP-████-3), of whom nothing is nkown besides gender and voice. Nearby humans, both male and female, report feeling crushingly strong longing for SCP-████-3 even if they are otherwise unaware of her presence. These meetings only occur when SCP-████ is in absolute isolation, and the subject goes so far as to disable all electronic or other recordings to ensure privacy with SCP-████-3. Evidence of dining, copulation, and other romantic activities have been found afterwards, and SCP-████'s mood is notably improved. When questioned on SCP-████-3, the subject identified her as [DATA EXPUNGED], and stated that this was all that The Foundation needs to know. All attempts to find and question SCP-████-3 have failed, and any attempt to look upon SCP-████-3 leads to a comatose state similar to that suffered by SCP-████-2, although of a different nature (see Interview ████-3-1, attached). Personnel do not recall what caused them to enter such a state.

After these meetings, the threat of SCP-████ is noticeably reduced, and the subject is even willing to tolerate males so long as they remain completely civil, merely using some telekinetic ability to banish them by "pushing" them out of the room with force of will (testing on this ability pending). Current containment methods are now focused around ensuring these meetings happen with regular frequency, and SCP-████ has been very cooperative in forwarding suggestions on how this might happen.

Disturbingly, any time SCP-████ becomes aggravated, an outbreak of violence occurs somewhere in human society, the size of which is determined by how severe the irritation is to the subject. This has only reinforced SCP-████'s classification as Keter.

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Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ is to be contained one (1) meter above ground on Site-██ and watered daily. NO monthly termination is to take place within 5 km of the subject. If termination of D-class personnel, or any other personnel or sentient SCPs is required, tranquilization and transport to Site-██-A, located 6 km northeast of SCP-████, and terminated there. Utmost caution is to be made to ensure that containment breaches of other SCPs on Site-██ do not result in the death of any subjects or personnel. All non-SCP personnel within this area are to be tranquilized and provided with class-a amnesiacs. No sentient population center is allowed to develop within 10 km of SCP-████. Any and all means of preventing these population centers from establishing or expanding within that border are approved in order to prevent [DATA EXPUNGED]

Any evidence of SCP-████'s roots expanding is to be dealt with immediately by cutting and incinerating any roots and replacing SCP-████'s container.

Description: SCP-████ is a flowering plant of unknown genus. In its inactive state its petals are a simple light blue, and found to be "reasonably attractive" for a flower.

Its active state is induced by non-natural death of a sentient creature within 5 km of its current location. This death needs not be violent— euthanasia also apparently qualifies, as does apparent death by various miscellaneous SCPs (such as SCP-342). Even if the subject does not actually die, SCP-████ appears to react to these events. In its active state, SCP-████'s petals turn red, and begin to drip blood onto its own roots. Its roots then quickly grow in search of any living organism within a 5.5 km area, and stab upwards at them. Upon penetration of the skin, the plant takes root, and drains all blood from the living being, forces rapid decomposition, then produces a new flower at that location. Roots have penetrated through all known attempts to block the plant, including placing it within a titanium container. How the the subject does this is not known, as when examined, the roots appear to be normal plant roots with insufficient hardness to penetrate said metal. How the subject senses "death" has yet to be discerned, as is how it manages such exceedingly fast growth— its roots will reach anyone out to 5.5 km out within one minute of non-natural death. Upon reaching 5.5 km, if a living being was chased outside of its borders, SCP-██ will [DATA EXPUNGED] and produce a new flower at that location, resulting in a reclassification as keter.

How it discerns a "natural" death from a non-natural one is unknown. Suggestions include a level of sentience and psychic awareness, but research on that subject is inconclusive.

SCP-████ itself is as vulnerable as any flower when not active, although it is noted to be able to survive in temperature extremes that no known flowering plant is capable of surviving in. Any instance of SCP-████ occuring outside of Site-██ is to be exhumed and incinerated, and appropriate amnesiacs given to their caretakers (if any) to remove all evidence of existence.

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