Memeconditioning Aka Scp1216
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Item #: SCP-1216

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1216 will be kept in a locked wooden crate in the Safe Storage Zone of site 19 when not in use. While in use 1 guard (disguised as a civilian when required) will be posted nearby 24/7 on a rotating 8 hour shift. Faculty staff not being tested in the effect zone are issued a pair of selective frequency blocking earplugs tuned to a high A note (440 Hz). Staff are not to remove these earplugs while in the effect zone of SCP-1216. They may also be issued personal side arm and body armor depending on the class size and ██████████████████████.

Description: SCP-1216 appears to be an industrial air conditioning unit of modern make, visually similar to a ██████ Industrial air conditioning unit. SCP-1216 is divided into two separate objects, SCP-1216-1 the air conditioning unit and SCP-1216-2 a small device resembling a cuckoo clock without a face inside of it.

SCP-1216-1 appears to be made of steel and aluminum and functions as a normal industrial air conditioning unit. The unit is faintly radioactive (rated at roughly .5 millirem per day of close exposure, not requiring special precautions) the source being ==unknown==. (See Addendum 1). When SCP is installed in an appropriately sized building with SCP-1216-2 attached inside it as per original configuration a single room in the building that is not a service or industrial and is attached to the cooling system will hear a series of three pings whenever the unit's fan stops. Occasionally, roughly █████% of the time, a forth ping will play, creating a memetic effect in anyone who hears all four pings. The effects observed have included sleep, rage and boredom although testing has not been sufficient to determine if all possible effects have been observed. These effects appear to be permanent although treatment for similar disorders (Narcolepsy, Narcissistic Rage and Schizophrenia related treatments are in particular effective) have managed to return SCP staff to a semi-functioning state. All attempts to record or capture the forth ping to date have failed.

SCP-1216-2 appears to be a small wooden house shaped box, with chains and weights hanging from the bottom of the device. The hole in the bottom shows a series of bells and clockwork insides the device. Although the house appears wooden, destructive testing has confirmed that it is in fact a bronze alloy. The Device contains a small makers mark that when traced leads to ████████. Upon dissembly the device was revealed to have 3 bells. No bell or combination of bells appears to make the 4th ping.

Addendum 1: Destructive testing has shown that the steel and aluminum of SCP-1216-1 has been alloyed with minute amounts of Depleted Uranium which explains the radiation. Destructive testing has shown that the 'wood' of SCP-1216-2 is intact Bronze alloyed with a similar amount of depleted uranium. The memetic effect has been confirmed to be still operations since the testing.

Addendum 2:Both devices have been dissembled and reassembled and still produce the memetic effect. Experiments attempting to produce the memetic effect by placing SCP-1216-2 in a ████████ unit have failed.

Addendum 3:Testing took place from ████████ to ████████ creating the effect 5 different times over the course of almost 3 months of testing. Clearly hearing all 4 notes is required for the effect. Not everyone in the class was affected and any sound blocking techniques are an efficient preventative method. Due to Incident-1216-001 testing was halted and the object stored.

Addendum 4: All victims of the triggering event and testing for SCP-1216 have been found and issued a class A amnesiatic.

Addendum 5: At the request of interested members of the military branches: the victims of the rage effect are not granted any special knowledge or ability in combat, they are merely very angry and irrational. Dr. ████████

Incident-1216-001:, during testing basic operational security was broken by an unknown person. They managed to find SCP-1216 and attempted to tamper with the device before being found. The unknown person managed to escape before capture and SCP-1216 was confirmed not to have been damaged. As per Dr. ████████ In the future a guard shall be placed on SCP-1216 during any testing. It is still unknown if: the person knew SCP-1216 was present, knew if the device was an SCP, knew they were in a foundation controlled area.

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