Memetic Laptop

Item #: SCP-1037

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1037 is to be contained in the centre of a 10x10x3 cell located at site ██. The cell should have one (1) 100 Watt lighting fixture directly above a wooden desk with 1037 on top. One (1) Normal household computer power lead should be run from one of the two (2) power sockets around the room to 1037, both sockets are controlled via a 24/7 D class monitor who will shut off power to the room and initiate lockdown if any anomaly occurs

No electricity or device capable of creating or using electricity should be brought into 1037’s cell without clearance from Dr. ███████ and at least two (2) other foundation personnel with level 2 clearances. At least three (3) D class personnel should be on standby with head mounted cameras, to enter the room should 1037 begin to pose any threat to the foundation or its personnel.
Description: SCP-1073 is a Toshiba NB250 with an unknown operating system installed, however it is suspected to be a version of █████. It seems that the single hard drive in the computer is the source if its abilities, as the computer will function normally when a new hard drive is inserted. When booted to computer logs straight into a profile named “Alex!” and shows a light blue background with 2 shortcuts on it and nine (9) .png files at time of writing. Apart from the two .exe files on the desktop the computer is completely useless, no navigation is impossible and the hard drive will not function if used in another computer.
The first .exe file is named “TextAdventure” and when launched shows a simple text adventure game, and shows no anomalies and is fully playable. The second .exe launches a generic command console, when c++, lua or █████ code is used in the console, it will slowly generate an image of varying properties, depending on what has been entered in the console. Once the image has been generated the console will display the following message
“Would you like the new image to be displayed? (Y/N)”

Pressing the Y key at this point displays the generated image, exposing the user to the memetic, while pressing N simply saves the image to the desktop alongside the two shortcuts.

Discovery: SCP-1073 was discovered in the town of s█████████, N████ L███████████, England when an outbreak of a memetic caused many people to lose all appetite and thirst, and eventually perish. Agents J████ and D████ were dispatched, due to suspicion of an SCP-████ outbreak. They eventually found SCP-1073 in a basement, belonging to Alex R██████ with a malnourished corpse in front of it, assumed to be Alex R██████. When Agent D████ started the computer, he was greeted with a memetic image and instantly requested for agent J████ to terminate him. Agent J████ refused and closed 1073 before bringing it into the foundation along with Agent D████. Agent D████ died █ hours after returning to the site █ medical ward when his left arm violently lashed out at him, firstly tearing at his face and attack nearby personnel before agent J████ had to terminate him. The arm continued to attack the corpse of Agent D████ for █ minuets until it stopped moving. The remains of Agent D████ were incinerated without autopsy.

Current Memetic images held on SCP-1073:

1. “Famine” Stops all feelings of hunger and thirst, usually killing the subject in about █ hours. (174 Deaths Caused)

2. “Alien Arm Syndrome” The memetic that agent D████ was exposed to, causes a random limb to become semi-sentient and attack any living being. (12 Deaths Caused)

3. “Test Memetic 1” This was the first memetic to be created under foundation control, coded by Technician S█████ to test SCP-1073. he created a simple memetic (The image being significantly smaller that the last two) that makes any human who sees it scratch their head, and then lay on the floor

4. “Test Memetic 2” This memetic was coded again by Technician S█████ to make any person who sees it immediately become itchy all over their body. Because of a misunderstanding, Technician S█████ was exposed to the image and it was discovered that any memetic not given an end date will continue indefinitely. Technician S█████ committed suicide 3 days and 2 hours after being exposed to the memetic

5. “Torture Card” Coded by agent M█████ to interrogate a civilian about the location of SCP-███. When exposed to the image all of the pain receptors in the body of the subject fire, causing extreme pain and discomfort. This memetic has been printed onto quick draw cards and given out to a few select Agents in use of subduing potential threats, however does have some long lasting effects after being exposed multiple times. Agents are discouraged from using them to liberally

6. “This is incredibly scary” This was a test to try and embed the memetic into something a little less noticeable. The memetic was created and printed on a piece of A4 paper, and on top was printed “This is incredibly scary” in black text with a white background, covering the memetic image. When exposed to various D class personnel, they all showed their great dislike for the image, explaining that the image is “Messed up” or “Horrible”

7. “Death” This memetic appeared on SCP-1073 when an outbreak of SCP-682 meant all power leading to 1073 was shut off for 4 hours with Doctor M████ inside. When viewed all bodily functions cease, completely killing the subject. The memetic was embedded into a picture of a human heart on a white table after surgical removal, this was found out by sending D-1073-1 in with a head mounted camera, as it seems the image is viewable through cameras without the effects. D-1073-1 closed the image and attempted to delete the file using the “DELETE” key on the keyboard, but [REDACTED]. The room was cleaned and new lighting fixtures were installed.

8. “The only good meme” This image meme was coded by Agent M█████ by request of Dr. ███████. When a subject looks at the image they become overwhelmed with the feeling of needing help, often resulting in getting some kind of medical attention and possibly surviving an injury. Subject will also experience the overwhelming need to keep themselves safe. The effect fades after 5 hours away from the image and the subject will have a headache for about 15 minuets after the effect has dispersed

9. “Error” Dr. ███████ attempted to use a commonly know LUA crash on 1073, This resulted in a 2x2 pixel image, that when observed causes a small headache.6

I recommend checking your spelling a few times before generating an image. -Dr. ███████

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