Metalmouth's Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX, along with all recovered recordings, are to be kept in a standard Class 2 items locker. SCP-XXXX is to be stored unstrung, except for testing purposes. Due to the item's properties, no recording devices are to be employed within the locker. Access to the locker is limited to Level 3 and above research staff, and all testing must first be approved by a member of the on site Level 4 research staff. All handling staff are to be wearing class 2 ear protection while in contact with the subject. In the event that any staff are witnessed attempting to play SCP-XXXX outside of a testing environment, they are to be detained immediately, and all responding staff are to be contained for at least 12 hours. In the event of infection, exposed staff are to be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a ██████ brand acoustic guitar. SCP-XXXX was poorly maintained before being brought into containment, and has suffered mild burn damage, as well as extensive wear along the upper fretboard. Further examination has revealed nothing anomalous regarding SCP-XXXX's physical makeup, besides an extreme resistance to damage. Examinations of sounds produced by SCP-XXXX can be found in Document XXXX-94-R.

Upon being played by a person, SCP-XXXX will cause the user (and any others listening,) to become extremely concerned by an otherwise inconsequential issue (for a list of all recorded concerns, see Document XXXX-94-E.) Testing has confirmed that any sounds produced by the guitar convey this memetic effect, however only if created by a human. These individual(s) will attempt to rectify the issue by any means possible, bringing new members into the group with recordings of SCP-XXXX. Initial efforts by groups will follow the █████ Model, however at a vastly accelerated rate. Upon reaching Class 4 status, the group will shift tactics, falling more into line with that of a traditional terror group. (See Experiment Log XXXX-12-16, Incident Report XXXX-54-02 for further details.)

Attempting to remove an infected subject from an SCP-XXXX enclave will result in an intense depression in the removed individual. Individuals experience feelings of loneliness and hopelessness, as well as suicidal urges. All subjects will cease eating within 48 hours, stating only that it "isn't worth it," and will starve to death if allowed. If questioned under normal circumstances, subjects universally refuse to respond. Usage of enhanced questioning techniques has yielded the names of other member of the group, as well as accusations of being forced to join the group, but nothing more. Application of mild amnesiacs may reverse the effects if administered within 72 hours of first exposure, however those first exposed to the effects of an SCP-XXXX outbreak have proven unresponsive to amnesiacs, even if administered immediately after infection.


MTF Alpha-4 Epsilon was dispatched to Site-██ on ██,██,██, after a breach of Cellblock 6 resulted in a loss of contact with the facility. The site was immediately locked down, and fast response elements of Alpha-4 Epsilon were deployed to examine the extent of the breach. Upon securing the immediate perimeter, a scout fireteam was deployed into the facility to make contact with any surviving staff, and ascertain the extent of the damage.

Radio Transcript, Site-██, ██,██,██, Recording Start - 13:54
Scout Fireteam Mu-3 enter Site-██'s main security entrance. Radio transmissions begin.
Mu-3-1: Fireteam has entered the facility. No staff are at the mustering point.
Mu-3-4: Sir, we have a couple of bodies. Research staff.
Mu-3-1: Alright. Check the tags, see if they're importa-
Sound of doors opening, gunshots.
Mu-3-1: Command, we have hostiles! They're… They're wearing some of our kit!
Command: Affirmative Three-One. You are cleared to liquidate any hostiles in the area.
Mu-3-1: Roger that, Command.
More gunshots are heard, along with a scream, followed by the sound of an explosion. Mu-3-5, and Mu-3-2 tracking beacons disabled.
Mu-3-1: Command! Goddamn… They're using suicide bombers! Five and Two are down, and Three is wounded.
Command: Understood Three-One. Are you able to proceed?
Mu-3-1: Uhhh…
Mu-3-7: I think we can keep moving.
Mu-3-4: Yeah. We should be good. I'll stabilize █████, and then we should be good to go.
My-3-1: Ok, yeah Command. We can proceed.
Command: Affirmative Three-One. Be advised, you have been cleared to retreat if necessary.
Mu-3-1: Ok. Understood Command.

Upon stabilizing Mu-3-3, Mu-3 continued into the facility. Tracking beacons indicated their movement to the Level I cafeteria.

Radio Transcript, Site-██, ██,██,██, Recording Start - 14:21
Mu-3-6: [EXPLITIVE REDACTED]. Bodies everywhere.
Mu-3-1: Yeah. Command, we have a ton of dead here. Must be at least… twenty, thirty of 'em.
Command: Understood Three-One. Staff recovery has been re-classified as a discretionary task. Do you wish to proceed?
Mu-3-1: I don't see any point. I figure the crazies got all of them anyway.
Command: Affirmative. You are to continue to the command center, and to reopen-
Site-██'s PA system begins to screech, before a voice recognized as being that of Dr. ██████ Hsilovic begins to speak.
Brothers! Sisters! More of our fellow staff join us, to aid us in our struggle against ██████████! To the cafeteria! We shall show them the way!
Mu-3-1: Six, Four, get behind that counter. Seven, get behind that desk! They must still have the cameras, up.
Mu-3-7: [EXPLITIVE REDACTED]. Here they come!
Doors can be heard opening, followed by the sound of automatic weapons fire. The sound of fire slackens, and then eventually lets up. Mu-3-7's tracking beacon disabled.
Mu-3-1: Command, we've lost Seven. We're pulling back. Have a medical team ready to deal with Three.
Command: Understood Three-One.
Doors heard opening. As Mu-3 proceeds back to their insertion point, the PA system begins broadcasting again. A short guitar improvisation is heard.

Contact ceased with Mu-3 at 14:34. All observing staff were confirmed as infected with SCP-XXXX, and treated with mild amnesiacs as needed. Due to risk of [DATA EXPUNGED], prompting usage of a Class 3 nuclear weapon. SCP-XXXX was recovered from the ruins of Site-██ by recovery teams on ██,██,██, having experienced mild burn damage, but otherwise in near-perfect condition.

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