Item #: SCP-1321

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As of ██/██/20██, there are no means of containing SCP-1321. If a civilian is seen drawing SCP-1321-1 or in possession of an instance of SCP-1321-2, then he/she must be taken to [DATA EXPUNGED] for incineration of the instance of SCP-1321-1 or SCP-1321-2 and administration of Class-A amnesiacs for him/her. If the effects of an instance of SCP-1321-2 persist in him/her after the instances incineration, then the civilian must be given foundation sponsored psychological counseling. The citizens of ███████ are encouraged to report sightings of SCP-1321-3 (named [DATA EXPUNGED] on the notice flyer) to the ███████ Police Department. All reports of SCP-1321-3 sightings are redirected to Dr. ██████████ and personnel with Level 4 security clearance or higher are autonomously notified of the reports. At the event that an instance of SCP-1321-1 or SCP-1321-2 leaves ███████, ██, then members of Immediate Task Force Phi-3 are required to [DATA EXPUNGED] the citizens of ███████. Citizens who object must this be taken to [DATA EXPUNGED] for indefinite detention. When successful interception of an instance of SCP-1321-1 or SCP-1321-2 is successful, then citizens of ███████ are permitted to return to their everyday lives before [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-1321 is a phenomenon consisting of three things. SCP-1321-1 is a drawing, SCP-1321-2 is a pencil used to make the drawing, SCP-1321-3 is a person that comes and tries to kill you because you didn't draw SCP-1231-1. I'll add more later.

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