The Bonestripper Owl
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SCP-xxx as photographed by a bird watcher in ██████, Mexico

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx is kept in a 1 x 1 x 3m aviary. Other than a perch 2m above ground, feeder, and water container, no foreign objects are permitted in SCP-xxx's enclosure. SCP-xxx is to be kept tethered to the perch at all times. If entry to SCP-xxx's enclosure is required, protective clothing must be worn and time inside in the enclosure must be kept to a minimum.

SCP-xxx is to be fed a diet consisting mostly of beetles, crickets and locusts. Small bats or mice may also be offered once per week. Personnel must not enter SCP-xxx's enclosure to feed it; the feeder attached to the aviary allows for food to be offered from outside.

Description: SCP-xxx is an adult male Black and White Owl (Strix nigrolineata). It is physically identical to any other member of its species save for its eyes, which are a reddish pink.

SCP-xxx was found after police in ██████, Mexico made reports of boneless corpses being found in nearby jungle, with no signs of external injury or another person having committed the crime. However, one victim had been found with several feathers resting on the corpse's groin area, which were identified as belonging to a Black and White Owl. Locals in the area reported an unusual, red-eyed owl and claimed that it had caused the deaths of the victims. Police immediately discounted the claims.

Foundation officials received the report during routine intelligence checks and searched the area, eventually finding SCP-xxx. Before SCP-xxx could be contained, it alighted upon the shoulder of Agent █████. SCP-xxx bit at Agent █████'s face, which caused him to collapse in extreme pain. After several seconds, Agent █████'s body appeared to cave in on itself. Remains of Agent █████ were completely boneless. SCP-xxx later produced a pellet containing small pieces of human bone, including phalange fragments and a cochlea. Testing confirmed the fragments as belonging to Agent █████.

SCP-xxx will attack any humans it sees in this manner, resulting in a complete loss of bone tissue and death.

Addendum: Examination of SCP-xxx reveals no internal anomalies, or any indication of what causes the reaction seen in Agent █████. It is also unknown how bone fragments are ingested by SCP-xxx, as it does not attempt to eat its victims.

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