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Agent L█████ examining SCP-673.

Item #: SCP-673
Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Task Force Omega-9 (aka “Godbane”) has been assigned to monitor and secure SCP-673. Sector I of the Task Force is required to have a minimum of █ personnel constantly on observation duty in order to immediately relay information regarding the appearance of anomalous entities, the nature of said threat, and instructions on how to best neutralize or repel the entity to Sector II.

Members of Sector II are to be stationed either directly upon SCP-673 or on one of the █ surrounding Foundation-issue armed vessels that must remain no further then ████ meters away from the shore when on duty. Individuals in Sector I are to live either upon SCP-673, on surrounding Foundation vessels, or within remote satellite observation outposts. This is to ensure both that anomalies are expediently detected, and that Foundation Intelligence receives information regarding the condition of SCP-673 should the majority of Sector I and II be neutralized following engaging an entity in combat. Task Force Omega-9 is to be given whatever resources deemed necessary in order to ensure the security of SCP-673. Following Incident 673-KD-██, human testing has been permanently discontinued.

Description: SCP-673 is a roughly cubical monolith located in the southern Indian Ocean. It is possible to rotate portions of SCP-673, similar to as if each “layer” was connected to a central axle, although the mechanics and interior structure of the monolith remain unconfirmed. Engraved upon the majority of the “layers” are glyphs that bear resemblances to early Mesopotamian writing, Egyptian hieroglyphics, [REDACTED] and certain aspects of the Voynich manuscript. Erected upon the top of SCP-673 is a large obelisk with similar engravings, in multiple early writing systems. These have been translated roughly into the following passage.

“This is of my construction; a riddle of a planet, cradled within a riddle in a riddle. Solve first the intentions of my meanings, then solve the puzzle that is this luminous globe. The victor shall be allowed to reap this riddle, this trinket’s spoils. The pieces of my puzzle [DATA EXPUNGED]”

What “solving” the “luminous globe,” (which has been determined to signify the Earth) entails is unknown. It was been ascertained, however, that if separate engraved glyphs, forming a sentence, are touched in a linear order over one side of SCP-673, within one (1) day, anomalous events will occur that correspond roughly with the essence of the sentence chosen. For a description of SCP-673 being utilized, refer to the following document.

As of █/██/██, it was agreed upon that, in the light of [DATA EXPUNGED], efforts will be made to prevent the use of SCP-673.

It has been hypothesized that the first aspect of the “riddle” is to accurately guess what effects a chosen sentence will have upon the Earth. Debate is ongoing concerning what ‘solving’ the planet would entail. Concerns have risen regarding the implications of the nature of SCP-673, namely concerning the condition of mankind [DATA EXPUNGED] who likened it to being “reduced to pieces on a chess board,” an argument that is reinforced when the nature of the entities that have taken interest in SCP-673 are put into consideration.

The following observations were recorded after anomalous entities breached Foundation defenses.

Sentence Selected Effects Observed
Five planets, or wandering stars, could not be represented by the primitive solid globe and blessed are their days. Temporal distortion of a complicated nature developed within the country of [REDACTED]. These include [DATA EXPUNGED] as well as the city of [REDACTED] being measured to have over x█ the total amount of surface area as it should by Euclidean geometry.
Creatures of a day, what is a man, what is he not: a dream of a shadow is their mortal being. [DATA EXPUNGED]
For from old have they seen sharp-tongued bodies in want and struggling, grown fat on the harsh words of hate. SCP-███ appears in the area of [REDACTED]. Containment attempts are underway.
Animated figures stand adorning every public street and seem to breathe in stone or move their marble feet. ██ humanoid statues appeared scattered throughout the streets of [REDACTED] overnight. No movement was observed nor reported, despite constant Foundation surveillance. Due to the difficulty involved in removing these figures from populated areas, (the statues were tested to be constructed of an adhesive form of [REDACTED]) misinformation was leaked that the objects were constructed as part of an art project, and overtly inquisitive town officials were given Class-A amnesiacs. UPDATE: As of █/██/█, it has been marked that the direction that the statues’ “eyes” are oriented towards occasionally shift.
The tenderness of its body shedding suddenly all of its petals they half glimpsed the dire judge of the dead, the blest in their divine seclusion. No effect observed. Further investigation pending.
But when there comes to men a gleam of splendor given of heaven as calculated by a single revolution maintaining equal progressions in dissimilar motions. The island of [REDACTED] appears to have shifted ██ meters east. A request is made to supply more funds to the researchers charged with deciphering SCP-673’s “riddles.” Request approved. –O5-█.
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