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Item #: SCP-37xx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Agents embedded in the [city] municipal infrastructure are to stay alert for reports of road defects and injuries incurred as a result of SCP-37xx. Vehicular patrols are to keep watch for SCP-37xx during their daily duties and report any incidence promptly to

Description: The SCP-37xx phenomenon is localised entirely to the city of [name]. It is characterised by rectangular portions of cement pavements taking on a shimmering effect between the hours of local sundown and sunrise. The phenomenon has not been observed in other pavement materials such as brick or crushed stone, or in areas with high foot traffic.

When in effect, affected areas will become permeable to live humans and their associated personal effects. Clothes, shoes, and small baggages can be brought under affected areas with no significant effect other than a slight 'dragging' effect akin to moving through a high-viscosity fluid. Tethers following individuals under the affected area will be severed at a depth of approximately 1.5m.

It is impossible to see, taste, smell, or hear while under the affected pavement. Breathing also becomes impossible, indicating that no air is present within. Indeed, all available tests conducted by submerged individuals indicate that they have descended into the pavement's hardened concrete.

Exploration of affected areas have so far been possible with the aid of sufficiently-compact breathing canisters. Surface tests with human subjects indicate the presence of a solid surface sloping at a 10-degree angle from one boundary of the affected area leading to a space below the pavement. More extensive explorations indicate that this space is shaped like a straight rectangular passageway sloping downwards at a constant angle, extending beyond the dimensions of the affected area.

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