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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The SCP should be keept within a illuminated room at all times. O5-█ Note: The room should be as illuminated as pysichally possible without blinding anyone. Rooms illuminated more, or less, than this have somehow made the SCP scream from inside personells mind? With a range of up to 463meters. [Note: The screams were not there during transportation or when it was found]. The screams do not seem to be dangerous, but, they are. As stated by several people working on the SCP. Very annoying. Level 3 security clearance or higher needed to acces the object. O5-██ Note: It is highly adviced that you do not look directly into the mirror under any circumstance.

Description: SCP-XXXX weighs 3Kilograms, decpite its weight it seems to not move from the ground it stands on unless being deliberatly picked up, it is not easy to knock over either. The SCP was located in an abadoned house in ███████████, Norway in 19██. It is currently located at our newest facillity, and is the first object there as of [30/06/2012] [DATA EXPUNGED]. When looking into the mirror personel has reported seeing an older version of themselves chained, in a dark, void like landscape, covered in mist. Whispering words to them, the whispers are very faint and are unable to be recorded, the whispers are seemingly gibberish. Personnel has also reported feeling extreme paranoia when looking into the mirror, followed by a number of days [3 - ██] with nightmares ressembling reality to every detail. Some nightmares so horrid that they have driven a few D-class personel to insanity [D-164██, D-9281█ and D-6████]. The mirror seems to have some kind of draining abillity, making you thirsty and hungry, leaving you in a weakened state, where you only seem to be able to acces 50% of your endurance, strength and stamina [2 - ██ days]. The frame of the window is old and made out of sturdy wood, it should be noted that as of now, hits to the frame, or the mirror itself has shown to have no effect, this proves to show that the mirror can not be destroyed by humans in meele to meele combat.
[Great. FUCKING, job throwing the the mirror from a cliff you guys. D-12██ , D-151███, Exterminated.]

Testing log:
It should be noted that not many experiments have been conducted as of 30.06.2012.[Note by Dr.█████████-█████████████: A few more than what we would like in fact.]

Experiment carried out on orders of Dr.█████████-█████████████:
Dr.█████████-█████████████ wanted to see what would happen over time if watching the mirror. D-6████ is a 2█ year old male of chinese origin he has been living in ██████████ for the last ██ years . He was allowed to bring: A chair, a glass of water and a chocolate bar. Request to bring teddybear: Declined.

The chair is placed 5 meters away from the SCP. D-6████ places the glass on his right side, the chocolate bar is placed directly behind the glass of water.

30 seconds:
D-6████ is sweating and seems nervous, heartrate monitored at 110BPS. States;

Ha-ha very funny. Can i leave now?

We tell D-6████ that it is no joke, and he should stay in place until he is told to leave, we remind him of [DATA EXPUNGED]. He is asked what he sees in the mirror, D-6████ explains it as an older version of himself with, white hair, ragged clothes and eyes wich he feels pierces his, he also states that the figure is Not seated but standing, and is chained, in a all black. direct quote ''Trippy, void like landscape'' [Note: Much like what all other personnel has stated]

1 Minute:
D-6████ is twitching, sweating profously and is starting to get very nervous. Heartrate monitored at 130BPS. D-6████ Reports that the eyes of the man in the mirror has not stopped watching him, he also reports that the eyes are gradually becoming more white. he says that he feels weak, before he takes a sip from the glass and a little bite of his chocolate bar, when asked about theese actions he states that he feelt the iminent need to get something new into his body. The subject[D-6████] is also stating that the whispers are getting more intense, approximately every 10 seconds.

2 Minutes:
D-6████ Stands up from his chair and states out loud that he refuses to do this any longer, he is reminded of [DATA EXPUNGED] before he sits back down. Heartrate monitored at 160BPS.

3 Minutes:
Heartrate seems to have done an enormous jump as it is now at 50BPS. When D-6████ is asked about how he feels, he says that he is very scared. D-6████ is sweating a lot, his entire shirt seems to be covered in sweat. D-6████ states that his mouth is dry as a desert before he procceds to empty the glass, he then procceds to swallow the rest of the chocolate, whole.

D-6████ is told that he can get up and leave the room, there is no hesitation in doing so. When D-6████ gets out of the room, he collapses on all four and needs to rest for 30 seconds before he is able to speak again, he is brought to [DATA EXPUNGED] for [DATA EXPUNGED]

D-12██ , D-151███, decided, without having recived any orders of any kind to destroy the mirror, they had both been victims of the nightmares the mirror seemingly causes, it is currently being investigated, why they were still working on the SCP after having suffered the nightmares. They sedated Dr.█████████-█████████████ [Wich was the only personnel on site at the current time. The foundation believed that no more personnel was required on site at the current time, this has been taken care of.] and decided, against all common sense, to conduct a series of tests. The good thing is, that we learned a few things. The other good thing, is that theese two humongous idiots have been taken care of. It should be noted that theese tests are seen through a few different security cameras placed on both the inside and on the outside of the facillity wich SCP-XXXX is located on.

Test 1:
D-12██ is seen entering the room with an hammer, he slams the mirror with all his might [DATA EXPUNGED]

Test 2:
D-12██ is again seen entering the room, his hand in a bandage. He carries with him a gun, a ███████ belonging to the sedated Dr.█████████-█████████████. D-12██ looks into the mirror, starts screaming, slams the gun into the mirror, picks it back up[O5-██ Note: It appears he is not screaming in horror] and leaves the room.

Test 3:
D-151███ is seen entering the room, it should be noted that D-151███ has been practicing ██████ for 1█ years, he fires of a few punches on the mirror, he seems to twitch in pain, and leaves the room. Note: This further proves that the SCP is not knocked over despite it's weight.

Test 4:
D-151███ gets into the room and picks up the SCP, D-12██ is seen standing outside near camera 3, he is wearing steel boots. D-151███ Arrives outside with the mirror, puts it down and watches as D-12██ gives the SCP a solid kick. D-12██ screams in pain. The SCP remains solid.

Test 5:
D-12██ is stating. Direct quote.

D-151███ is observed nodding. D-151███ Picks up the mirror and carries it to the cliff, with D-12██ limping along, the mirror is thrown over the cliff. D-12██ is seen ''giving the finger'' to the mirror.

O5-██ Note: I would like everyone involved in having these two humongous idiots not being transferred to a new project and/or terminated after they had reported in the nightmares to report to me for [DATA EXPUNGED]. I would also like a word with you Dr.█████████-█████████████.


It is to be noted that in the future that people wich have been having problem(s) with [DATA EXPUNGED], should be removed from the project entirely. The same goes for people wich have been, in the past working on SCP-███ and SCP-██. It is still unknown if SCP-XXXX is sentinent or not.

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