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Item #: SCP-1275

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1275 is to be contained in a locked electronic safe in Sector 19. The code must be changed quarterly and only be made available to staff holding a level 3 or higher security clearance. Protective insulated gloves must be worn when handling SCP-1275. For research and testing purposes, Class D personnel are permitted to discharge SCP-1275 and handle the item without use of the aforementioned protection.

Description: SCP-1275 is a Type 26 hammerless revolver loaded with six rounds of 9mm Japanese ammunition. It dates back to World War II and for all intents and purposes appears as a normal, functioning antique handgun. Distinguishing marks are the Kanji character for "suicide" engraved on the cylinder and a single bloody fingerprint over top this engraving. Attempts to use SCP-1275 against any other living entity invariably result in the death of the operator by a single gunshot wound to the head. This wound is inflicted the moment the subject pulls the trigger of SCP-1275, and leaves the intended target unharmed.

A secondary characteristic of SCP-1275 is a deep depression in any who possess the weapon. Over a course of 24-72 hours, subjects report a general uneasiness that spirals into complete hopelessness and a sense of purposelessness with their lives. A feeling of deep remorse for past actions, both real and imagined have been reported as well. If SCP-1275 is not taken off their person, the end result is suicide with the item. Relieving subjects of the item, however, is easier said than done. See Document SCP-1275-A, SCP-1275-B and SCP-1275-C for further details.

Discovery: SCP-1275 first came to Foundation attention after being found at the scene of an apparent homicide in ██████████, ██ on ██/██/19██. Officer ████████ of the ██████████ Police Department filed a report indicating a WWII era handgun found at the scene was the murder weapon, however despite evidence of having been recently fired the weapon was still fully loaded. The gun was checked in to evidence pending arrest of a suspect. Two days later officers responding to reports of a gunshot arrive at Officer ████████'s home. He is found dead with the weapon from case number ████-███ in his hand. Evidence logs, reviews of surveillance footage and interviews with ██████████ Police Department staff give no indication of Officer ████████ retrieving the weapon.

Document SCP-1275-A: On March 12, 19██ at 0800, D-9026 was provided with SCP-1275. Subject claimed to be in a good mood. Dr. ██████ does not note any evidence of erratic or unusual behavior. Subject is monitored during his time with SCP-1275. Within 14 hours, subject is seen to be huddled in a corner, periodically weeping. After another two hours, subject repeatedly removes SCP-1275 from its holster and just stares at it. D-9026 can be seen to tremble on the video feed during these times. Subject is not seen to sleep and on March 12, 19██ at 1100 he places the weapon to his temple and fires, resulting in immediate death. After SCP-1278 is retrieved the once faded fingerprint seems to be fresh and still wet. Later analysis shows it now matches that of D-9026.

Document SCP-1275-B: On March 28, 19██ at 0900, D-9037 was provided with SCP-1275. At the start of testing, 0800 the subject reported being in good spirits. After approximately 36 hours of wear, she reported depression symptoms and expressed feelings of worthlessness and self-hatred. Subject was relieved of SCP-1275 and sent back to her quarters. Seven hours later a single gunshot was heard from D-9037's room. Security personnel rushed to investigate, and found the subject dead from a single gunshot wound to the head, SCP-1275 in her hand. Surveillance footage shows no access to the item's safe between its return at the conclusion of the previous day's testing and the fatal shot. SCP-1275 had 5 rounds still in its chambers at this time, and was again returned to the safe. A status check the following day by Dr. ██████ shows the gun to be fully loaded with what appears to be a different fingerprint on the cylinder. Further investigation shows that the fingerprint was now that of D-9037.

Document SCP-1275-C: On April 27, 19██ at 0900, D-9042 was provided with SCP-1275 after Dr. ██████ removed it from its safe and unloaded all six rounds from its chambers. Surveillance footage shows D-9042 becoming increasingly agitated throughout the day. Bouts of weeping and screaming at some imagined person or thing can be seen. The next day, almost exactly 26 hours from the time that SCP-1275 was given to the subject, he placed it to his temple and pulled the trigger resulting in immediate death. Upon investigation Dr. ██████ found five rounds remaining in the chambers. The bloody fingerprint on the cylinder had once again altered, to match that of D-9042.

Addendum 1: Those handling SCP-1275 with the proper protective gear so far seem immune to the phenomena of the item returning to the last living owner/holder. Any personnel to have survived unprotected (i.e. direct skin to object) contact with SCP-1275 are to be terminated to ensure object remains safely contained.

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