Magic Mirrors
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-1 is to be locked in a standard containment room facing away from the door and towards the rear wall. SCP-XXXX-2 is to be locked in the same room, though orientation in relation to the door is insignificant.
Experimentation must be approved and overseen by at least one (1) level-3 personnel.
As of incident XXXX-4, all experiments are to be approved and overseen by at least two (2) level-4 personnel and no fewer than three (3) armed guards in addition to the two (2) now required to be stationed outside the entrance to the room which houses SCP-XXXX. Any employees found attempting to use SCP-XXXX for personal use or mischief will be terminated. (Consider this your only warning Dr. Bright)

Description: SCP-XXXX is a set of two rotating matching full length mirrors. Each is made of wood and a standard mirror, anomalous activity’s cause is unknown. SCP-XXXX-1 through an unknown means causes any human who views themselves in the mirror to become invisible, though not intangible, to other humans and all forms of visual recording devices. Subjects are still able to be felt and heard, although with substantially less volume and impact than would be expected1The humans subjected to this describe the experience as being dark and surrounded by fog, occasionally with unknown shadows flickering through the fog. These apparitions appear to be a side effect and are thought to be harmless.(See addendum) SCP-XXXX-2 produces no known effect when viewed by a normal human, but when viewed by the subject who has become invisible via SCP-XXXX-1, the subject becomes visible again. When a subject is presented to SCP-XXXX-1, all portable2 objects they are in contact with also become invisible until such a time as they are exposed to SCP-XXXX-2.
SCP-XXXX was recovered from the home of a juvenile delinquent who had been tracked there following a series of unexplained crimes and reports of small valuables being witness floating away from their owners. Class-B amnesiacs administered to victims of the thefts and trinkets returned. Delinquent recruited as D-███ and is not to be involved in any experiments involving the objects recovered from his family’s possession. Family informed that their son was killed in an accident and administered Class-B amnesiacs to remove memory of the mirrors.
Dr. ████’s current theory concerning the mirrors is that they are each one-way Morris-Thorne wormholes that have been stabilized by an unknown method, likely with the theorized “exotic matter” which may make up the frame and/or glass of the mirror. As removing the exotic matter may collapse the theorized wormhole, it is not recommended that samples are to be taken, although should the items become too dangerous or misused, this may be considered as a means of neutralizing the objects. The wormholes are suspected to connect to the gap between our universe and a universe that is slightly out of phase with ours. Enough that true inhabitants of either universe never interact with each other, but existing within the gap allows a small amount of interaction with both universes. Though it is unknown how, the wormholes apparently only allow humans and portable objects with a human to traverse them.
Addendum: as of incident XXXX-4, SCP-XXXX has been reclassified as Euclid. Further information is classified and may not be viewed by anyone with clearance level lower than level 4. Recommend ceasing of all testing – pending.

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a containment cell of 5x5 meters and each instance of SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a case for an unaltered version of the instrument. Two guards with must be stationed outside the room at all times. Any personnel attempting to enter the room without proper authorization are to be detained with any measure of force deemed necessary.
No experimentation may be carried out without the approval of at least three (3) personnel with clearance level 4 or higher. Experimentation may take place in a separate containment unit with solid reinforced concrete walls or on the weapons testing range at Site-██

Description: SCP-XXXX is a collection of nine (9) musical instruments of various kinds. Each instrument has a small green chip, roughly 1x1 cm on some surface of the instrument. It has been determined that these chips are the cause of the anomalous behavior exhibited by the objects. The objects are as follows:
SCP-XXXX-1 through 9 are respectively a piano, a guitar, a violin, a bass, a trombone, a drum set, a flute, a saxophone, and an ocarina. Each instrument is resistant to damage and all damage successfully dealt slowly is removed as if the instrument is a living organism healing itself.
When one of the instruments is played, or several are played in harmony, a weapon will fire. The power of the weapon depends on the length of the piece, the complexity of the piece, and how many instruments are working in harmony to play the piece. It has been determined that it also depends on the skill level with which the piece was played. This also applies to mechanical operation of the instruments and multiple people using the same instrument3.
The small chip on each instrument appears to generate a form of contained and localized electromagnetic pulse that separates the inside of the field from the outside in what is for all intents and purposes, a force field. Dr. Hughes has proposed that this exists to protect the users of the instruments when the weapon fires as a precaution. This proposal is supported by E-XXXX-5 and by the fact that the field went unnoticed until then.
A portion of the experiment log is as follows, the remainder of the experimentation must be logged in Experiment Log SCP-XXXX. Experiments may be taken to the weapons range if necessary, but this requires authorization by an additional level-4 personnel and supervision by one of such personnel. Instruments should be handled by D class personnel or machines.
Experiments are to be cataloged as follows:
Experiment number and date: (E-XXXX-X █/██/████)
Name of researcher(s): ( Dr. Smith)
Number and which items used: (4: piano, guitar, flute, bass)
Piece played: (“Ode to Joy”)
Experiment number and date: E-XXXX-1 █/██/████
Name of researcher(s): Dr. Pepper
Number and which items used: 1, Guitar
Piece played: “Hey There Delilah” (played twice, one with accompanying vocalization, one without)
Result: Large rock launched at the door of the containment area, no damage.
Note: Singing does not appear to affect the outcome. –Dr. Pepper
Note: Too bad it doesn’t or it would have killed you for being tone deaf. Leave handling these things to the Class-Ds.–Dr. Hughes

Experiment number and date: E-XXXX-2 ██/██/████
Name of researcher(s): Dr. Pepper
Number and which items used: 1, Ocarina
Piece played: “Song of Storms”
Result: Small caliber pellet round fired, found embedded an inch into the concrete wall

Experiment number and date: E-XXXX-3 ██/██/████
Name of researcher(s): Dr. Hughes
Number and which items used: 2: Piano, flute,
Piece played: harmonized “Happy Birthday” song
Result: A .22 caliber bullet fired, round found imbedded in the concrete wall at a depth that roughly coincides with the power of a small pistol.
Note: It would appear that having two instruments harmonize the same exact notes doesn’t do much. Let’s try something more complicated next time – Dr Hughes

Experiment number and date: E-XXXX-4 ██/██/████
Name of researcher(s): Dr. Hughes, Dr. Pepper
Number and which items used: 3: Piano, Violin, Flute
Piece played: small portion of respective pieces of a Beethoven symphony
Result: Minor explosion resulted. No casualties, though the eyebrows of Research Assistant █████ may not grow back. Drs. Hughes and Pepper were unharmed as they were observing from behind the blast-resistant glass leading to the observation room. “Force Field” discovered by said Research Assistant when he pointed out that the explosion was large enough that it should have at least singed the piano. Experimentation resulted in confirmation of an invisible barrier and large fluctuations in the local magnetic field, though it was barely detectable from more than half a meter away. It was later determined that a small rocket had been launched and had detonated on the wall of the experimentation room. Dr. Hughes recommends a larger testing area, preferably an open range, approved.

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