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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXX may be kept in a standard containment cell that has had sharp edges removed and padding a dedicated air sanitation system installed. The SCP seems healthiest when provided with a diet of Echinoidea, █████, and ██████████, mixed with gastric secretions to simulate normal feeding behavior; to prevent unauthorized injury during meals, all food components are to be ground or cut into cubic-centimeter pieces.

Three sets of garments (each consisting of a mask, floor-length skirt, hooded sweatshirt, [REDACTED]) are to be kept on-hand; if any one set becomes too damaged or worn for further use, a replacement is to be manufactured at the earliest possible opportunity. Whenever the SCP is outside its containment cell, precautions should be taken to prevent accidental exposure. All personnel involved in care of XXX are required to read Document XXX-1 before beginning their duties. During experimentation in which SCP-XXX is involved, all observers must be verified to have not eaten for 24 hours previously before being granted access.


SCP-XXX is [DATA EXPUNGED] (consult Document XXX-1) of unknown origin; it was first apprehended during the acquisition of SCP-███ by MTF Upsilon-12 "Blood Donors", when it was observed several times from a distance, seemingly attending to the task force's movements. Direct contact was made during the emergency withdrawal; due to the haste of the operation, SCP-XXX was mishandled, resulting in the incapacitation of multiple task force members who then had to be abandoned. The aforementioned procedures dictating garments have been instated to prevent repeat incidents. The SCP is presumably intelligent, and produces speech-like vocalization from ███ █████████, but excepting its positive reaction to the term "avade" (which it has since been informally named by staff), it appears able only to recognize speech patterns, without comprehension. No communication attempts to date have succeeded.

While it has been possible to obtain and analyze small tissue samples, examinations of the SCP's internal structure have proven extremely difficult. Part of this is due to a common and seemingly endemic human reluctance to continue investigation beyond a certain point, the visceral consequences of which have only been broken through extensive familiarization training. The more significant impediment, however, is due to the unusual properties of the SCP's internal fluids; these appear to react strongly to being exposed, and quickly (within 2.7 seconds) form a homogeneous █████ colloid sol, regardless of initial color and properties.

The colloid's continuous phase is a translucent liquid, and a strong organic reagent that rapidly causes the remainder of XXX's body to corrode and dissolve into itself. The dispersed phase is an opaque █████ solid whose substance is largely hypothetical, as it reacts to disruption by congealing into a gel and adhering to the nearest surface to prevent being moved or spread; however, it is presumably made of much of the same material as the SCP's tissue, and possesses neuroactive and catalytic properties. Within seconds of the colloid's formation, SCP-XXX ceases to respond to stimuli and becomes functionally comatose as its body is dissolved by the reagent. If left undisturbed, the colloid puddle will contract into a marmoreal █████ sphere that grows in the center, boiling off a malodorous gas as it does so. When the puddle is completely gone, the sphere hatches into a somewhat smaller, possibly adolescent, version of the original SCP-XXX. (This process does not occur at a consistent rate; the sol is photosensitive, and the egg grows more slowly under more intense light, but the minimum time on record is 15:24 hours in complete blackness.)

Directly touching the colloid during any step of this process causes dissolving of the skin in the region of contact; when it reaches the hypodermis, the █████ catalyst interacts with the nervous system and induces a coma, then permeates and spreads through the circulatory system until it is ultimately absorbed by the cells. Subjects awaken slowly, within 24 hours, reporting vivid nightmares (see Document XXX-3) but suffering no apparent lasting impairments.

Addendum: Extended effects of physical contact with █████ colloid (██/██/████)
The conjecture that test subjects "suffered no lasting impairments" is incomplete, if technically correct. All Class-D personnel from this project have been found to survive an otherwise-fatal accident or intentional termination, by similar means as the original SCP-XXX; sufficient trauma can cause the absorbed █████ catalyst to be remitted, apparently. The results support several previous hypotheses, particularly that the healing process causes XXX to revert to a previous adolescent phase, but more importantly, the test subjects are not protected against more than one termination, possibly because the catalyst is produced from organs not present in the human body.

Note: Doctor Matheson has been reassigned to SCP-███, as SCP-XXX reacts aggressively to his presence and seems to have begun to recognize him from his supervision of previous experiments. - Doctor Tanaka

Note: I've been instructed to take over Dr. Tanaka's work following his reassignment to SCP-███. - Dr. Chaffell

Addendum: Effects on test subjects of repeated catalysis
A test subject who has previously been "dosed" with the █████ substance ██ times was terminated today; while the colloid formed much more rapidly than previous experiments, the process continued as expected from the results from previous test subjects until ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████. ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████, designated SCP-XXX-2, survived ███ consecutive terminations; the ███rd "egg" failed to hatch, and was found to contain only █████ mixed with incomplete nervous and circulatory systems.
Future experiments are advised to alternate dosage with termination to minimize modifications during the healing process.

Note: ██/██/████ - SCP-XXX broke containment during today's experiment, and managed to reach Doctor Chaffell and ██████ ███ █████ ████ his eyes before being restrained. All experiments are temporarily on hold. - Agent Doleran

Document #XXX-1: Appearance and Known Physiological Features


Document #XXX-2: Excerpts from Debriefing of Agent ███████ ██████ (██/██/████)


Document #XXX-3: Test Subject Dream Log


The only feature common to these reports seems to be the descriptions of otherwise-vague things that appear "█████", though the prominence of ███ █████ ████ ███████ █████ among many of them should be noted as well.

Note: This "█████" is everywhere. Hasn't anyone else seen it? - Dr. Chaffell

Document #XXX-4: Experiment Log


Note: I'm supposed to take over after Dr. Chaffell's unfortunately necessary termination. His eyes have been preserved for further research. - Doctor Yandt

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