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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: ██ SCP-XXX is to be kept in a temperature controlled 5m x 5m x 5m containment locker at Storage Site-16. Temperature of the container is to be kept between 26°C and 18°C. Ambient temperature of the locker is to be checked and recorded hourly with sudden variations reported to level 2 site personnel.

Staff coming into contact with SCP-XXX outside of testing are to be briefed of it's anomalous properties prior to entering the containment locker. Should staff members in contact with SCP-XXX become affected by the objects anomalous properties, clearance is to be suspended untill medical treatment and appropriate amnesiacs have been administered.

Description: ██ SCP-XXX is an armchair from the late Victorian era. The object features levels of decoration identifying it as part of the 'Art Nouveau' movement of furniture creation. When sat on by a willing subject, SCP-XXX rapidly begins to decrease in temperature and compel the subject to remain seated.

Human beings affected by SCP-XXX are immediately placed in a trance-like state, appearing to not be aware of their surroundings or the sharply lowering temperature. Attempts to communicate with victims of SCP-XXX's strong compulson effect are met with detatched uninteligible comments regarding a 'master' (See Experiment Log). Removing the victim from the seat will halt the cooling effect of the chair but not the compulsion to be seated. Mind-affected subjects are noted to refuse to rise from SCP-XXX of their own volition and react violently when removed and restrained.

SCP-XXX continues to decrease in temperature, eventually posing danger to all humans within the room as the air around SCP-XXX become sub zero in temperature. SCP-XXX will continue to cool until the human occupying it has suffered clinical death, expiration time for subjects varies depending on the weight and clothing worn by the victim with the longest survival time being sixteen hours with a recorded final temperature being -82.2°C. (See experiment log)

Humans forcibly removed from the chair complain of increasing cold regardless of their temperature, demonstrate mental symptoms of hypothermia and are often hyterical, begging fellow staff to be returned to █████. Subjects afflicted with this Hypochondriasis will decline in lucidity, leading to paradoxical undressing, terminal burrowing and stress-induced cardiac arrest. Curing SCP-XXX's mental compulsion is only possible through administration of amnesiacs, longer exposure requiring higher doses.

Addendum: ██ Analysis of the maker's mark suggests that SCP-XXX was constructed by the [DATA EXPUNGED] The abolishment of slavery in 1701 causing a wide boycot leading to bankrupcy and asset liquidization. The familial estate SCP-XXX was recovered from being abandoned in 1891. No traces of the ██████ descendants exist past this date.

Experiment Log:

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