Mister Ideas

Mr. Headless
Appears headless, but actually has an invisible one?
Or completely headless, must be fed through neck?

Mr. Laugh
Causes uncontrollable mirth in anyone exposed to him, but he maintains a flat affect

Mr. Shapey
Rubber Band Man? Can sculpt himself into anything of similar size: disguises.

Mr. Soap
Literally made of soap? Lame.
Soap opera? Always overreacts, must be kept in calm environment lacking stimuli to prevent excessive excitement leading to medical complications.

Mr. Brass
Made of metal: lame.
Police officer/chief: possible, stretching it
Brass instruments: “talks” like a trumpet, etc; possible

Mr. Hot
Literally hot: lame
Extremely attractive: also lame
Should probably be Ken to Ms. Sweetie’s Barbie

Ms. Sweetie
Made of sugar, etc: unoriginal, possible
Turns anything into sugar: lame
Exceedingly nice: possible, lame
Should probably be Barbie to Mr. Hot’s Ken

Mr. Life and Mr. Death
Castor and Pollux – alternate days living

Mr. Fish
Aquaman- lulz
Scales, gills, fins, some assortment: possible
Must not be kept out of water for long periods or he’ll desiccate

Mr. Money
Midas: Lame
Stock Market reader/predictor etc: Possible- originality?

Mr. Lie
Always lies, even if he doesn’t want to: lame
Saint Lie: joined monastic order as a child, was killed for it by relatives; possible, hard to work in

Mr. Mad
Literally mad about everything, must be kept calm to prevent early heart attack or stroke, blood pressure kept under control, medications wouldn’t work.
Mad as in crazy: possible
Mad as in rabid: similar to first one

Mr. Scary
Can change his face/head into any of several monstrous appearances, can’t learn more, seemingly programmed with those few, great with kids despite this, loves to tell them scary stories and frighten them, several researcher’s children love to play with him

Mr. Stripes
Something about magnetic stripe, ability to store recall/information on/from magnetic stripes
Can transform into any striped animal – tiger, zebra, various snakes, Tasmanian tiger, various other striped animals, some unknown

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