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The menu screen as seen when the program is booted up.

Item #: SCP-1441

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1441 must be kept within a 1TB external hard-drive at all times; under no circumstance is a copy of the application to be placed within any other type of hard-drive. See Test Log SCP-1441-2c for more details.

Access to SCP-1441 is strictly prohibited, testing is only open to individuals with proper clearance.
Edit: As of Test SCP-1441-3, all testing on SCP-1441 is to be postponed until further notice.

Currently SCP-1441 is contained within Site-15.

Description: SCP-1441 is a computer program that is roughly 127MB in size and is a solitary .exe file residing within its own folder. The program is titled “Ideal Life 2”, with the folder sharing the same name. It was recovered from the apartment of ██████ █████ in ██████ , █████████, based on reports from the owner claiming it was a “100% accurate fortune telling simulator”.

Upon running the .exe, the program displays typical elements found within a type of application known as a visual novel. The program runs in a 800x600 resolution window, and typically opens up to a menu screen. The only options ever observed on the menu screen have been:

  • New Game
  • Continue
  • Quit

Thorough investigation has proven that there is no way to alter any of the properties of the program, internally or externally (see Test 1441-2b for more details). Attempts to access the source code of the program will cause random instances of client-side errors. It is currently unknown as to why these errors are only client-side.

Upon starting a new game, the player is asked to enter their full name. Entering a name that does not exist will cause the program to close itself, and the player may enter the name of someone else, but only someone else they know of. Attempting to enter the name of someone not known to the player will also result in the program closing itself. Upon successfully entering the full name of an individual, the program will enter a loading phase for exactly 1 minute and 23 seconds, before finally entering the game. Upon starting, the player will find themselves taken through a scripted plot much like any typical visual novel, and eventually they will come to a decision event. Upon making a decision, the plot will progress normally. All decisions within the game have no more than two choices.

Research has identified that the events that occur within the game are actually events that will occur in the future for the designated individual. Characters, environments and even trivial things such as climate, weather and feelings of the individual themselves are replicated as they would be in reality. As such, the decisions encountered are decisions that the designated individual will face in the near future, and the events that take place from at least one decision made from every event have been proven to be true (see Test 1441-1 for more information). As of yet, it is currently impossible to prove the validity of both routes available from each decision. Attempts have been made to defy the program by fulfilling conditions to meet both choices of a decision. See Test Log SCP-1441-1d for more details.

The times at which the program begins reading the future seem to differ, but most instances occur after 24 to 29 hours since the last session in the program was closed. Furthermore, the events within the program will never detail anything about the individual spending time using the program in the future, even if they do so. This has been proven through various tests. Players may save the game when a decision event occurs, therefore being able to see both the routes that can occur depending on the decision made. Saved files will remain, even if the event has already passed in the present. However, the option that the individual decided on in reality cannot be selected in the save file, making the player use the other option. Players can play through the game normally from then on without issue. Deletion of saved files is not advised under any circumstance (see Test Log SCP-1441-3b for more details).

There is, as of yet, no defined end-point. It has been predicted that the end-point is in fact when the individual’s life ends, however further research into the matter has been prohibited to preserve the safety of individuals interacting with the program due to the events that occurred in Test SCP-1441-1b. Efforts have been put into the investigation of a possible prequel program, given the sequel-like nature of the title. No information has been found presently. Investigations into the matter are continuing.


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