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Item #: SCP-1293 - "The Keter"

Object Class: Euclid but currently under discussion to be reclassified as Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Areas which are the typical nesting environment for SCP-1293 are to be scouted as part of the course of regular Foundation activities. If a possible suitable site is discovered then a specialist team is to be sent in to perform a more in depth study and then prepare the site if it is deemed fit for purpose.

The site is to be remodelled so that there is an excessive number of tight corridors and twisting corners with multiple crawl spaces and gaps within its superstructure. The internal structure of the site is to be artfully decayed and appear dilapidated and worn. Decorations and furniture within the site are to be kept at a consistent state of ruin with appropriate graffiti and signs of recent squats, raves and other counter culture activities to be kept current and used.

Rumours are to be started through the typical channels, urban exploration websites, anarchist groups, schools and colleges and horror writing clubs about a presence within the site called "The Keter" which occasionally snatches groups who venture in with recording equipment. The use of a Foundation internal term is deliberate to specifically target groups who have interest in Foundation activities.

Due to the SCP's feeding requirements all Foundation personnel who visit a site are to do so with no recording equipment of any kind in their possession.

Once there has been a successful incident the footage produced is to be distributed appropriately to financially conservative and anti-establishment groups which have previously attempted to expose or otherwise impede the Foundation in their works. SCP-1293 typically feeds every 3 months but more often if about to produce an offspring, in the case of a spike in incidents a new site is to be created to house the new SCP.

The unique nature of this SCP's feeding habits it is impossible for an accurate assessment of the creature to be made. It hunts it's prey by appearing as a blurred shadow or shifting, half glimpsed horror in the corner of the frame of any recording device used to attempt to capture an image of the SCP. In the case of audio recording devices the creature creates sounds which are unnerving to listeners and seem to be inconsistently placed or jarring to a casual listener.

The SCP begins hunting by creating a circumstance which shifts a single member of the group which enters it's site away from the larger group and then kills them with extreme violence as soon as the member is entirely removed from the group. The SCP seems to have limited control over perceptions and emotion as it quickly drives it's prey into a state of irrational panic before picking off members of the group one by one leaving the member holding the recording device as the last to be killed.

After approximately 4-6 hours the recording device is found somewhere within the site containing the footage which is subtly edited and cut to make the incident appear as terrifying and disorienting as possible, this serves as bait to attract further groups to it's lair to allow it to feed further. These recordings are classified as SCP-1293-1 and are considered Safe for Foundation personnel to view and disseminate, a small number have been used as the basis for independent horror films which assists us further in keeping SCP-1293 contained.

While research was initially put towards the elimination of SCP-1293 it was decided by O5 order that it should be used as a method of disposing of urban exploration groups who have stumbled onto a Foundation Site or an SCP.

Two birds, one stone. ~Dr. Clef

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