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A Stopped Clock

Object class: Safe

Special containment procedures:
SCP-### is to be mounted at a height of ## on the wall of a storage facility measuring # by # metres, covered by an opaque box which may only be removed for approved testing. The following items are to be maintained in the room, and must be confirmed to be in their correct positions (as marked on the attached plan Document ###-A) by 03:15 and 15:15 daily.

Medical screens x 3
(Short list of very specific childrens' toys)
7x Fresh sandwiches and cold drinks; 5 of these to be provided in sippy cups.

Access to the storage facility between 0315 and 0345, and between 1515 and 1545 is restricted; (strike:three) two D-class with appropriate medical training, equipped with syringes of (strong intravenous sedative?) are to enter and stand beside the screens at positions (strike:3,) 7 and 9 ready to administer the sedative as soon as possible, taking care not to occupy any of the marked positions. Any other personnel entering the room are cautioned to stand clear of all marked positions.

Between 0330 and 0335, and between 1530 and 0535 daily, a recorded message advising the listeners to remain calm and directing their attention to the food, drink and toys, is to be played into the room.

At 0345 and 1545 daily, janitorial staff should enter the storage facility in standard medical hazard gear to clean blood and other biological substances from the room, and also to remove the leftover food and drink. Should any of the toys be stained or damaged beyond repair, a like-for-like replacement must be obtained immediately.

SCP-### is a visually unremarkable battery-powered analogue clock with the hands stopped at 3:33.

Any subject directly observing the clock at 3:33 (either 0333 or 1533) GMT disappears after that minute, as soon as they are unobserved. They will then reappear at 0333 and 1533 every day for one minute, in the same position relative to the clock as when they first observed it. The subjects thus affected are designated SCP-###-1 to 9.

If another object intersects the space a reappearing subject will occupy at the time of reappearance, the subject will be merged with the object for the duration of that minute. In their next appearance, assuming the intervening object is removed, that part of their body which was obstructed by the object will be absent with the natural resulting medical issues, including blood loss.

As far as can be established in the short observation periods, time does not pass normally for these subjects during the period that they are not present; certainly the slow deterioration of the wounded subjects 3, 7 and 9 indicate as much.

Retrieval - Was collected from a primary school in (redacted), UK, following reports of several missing children and "poltergeist activity" at the school. At the time of retrieval, the item was mounted on the wall of the school hall. The item was originally transported to Site-? and stored in a secure locker, however following the ensuing incident and injuries to SCP-###-3 the current containment procedures were implemented. At the time of retrieval there were 6 supplementary subjects.

Containment Addendum - D-class subjects with a history of paedophilia or child abuse should not be used in the storage room for any purposes during manifestation periods.

Incident Report:
On retrieval the item was placed in a secure locker in Site #. (Redacted) Primary School was closed under the cover of a burst pipe and was monitored by agents under cover as plumbing contractors, in order to assess containment needs at the site during the expected manifestation at 15:33.
At 15:33 staff in the canteen at Site # were alarmed by the sudden appearance of a female caucasian child, approximately six years of age and apparently in great distress, embedded from just above the knees in the wall at a height of approximately 2 metres. The witnesses were able to make contact with the child and provide some comfort by holding her hands until she vanished at 15:34. Four other primary school age children were observed in other locations of the site; fortunately these others appeared in clear spaces, although most suffered injuries from a fall to the ground. It is believed that a fifth, unobserved, would have appeared inside a storage cupboard.
It was quickly established that the positions of these manifestations corresponded with locations from which the children may have originally observed and been affected by SCP-###, relative to its new location in the locker. Arrangements were quickly made to place the item in a storage room as similar as possible to its original retrievement location and current containment procedures were established following observations of the 03:33 manifestation. The school was cleared of containment needs and released within 24 hours.

Experiment log or summary of conclusions?
- insert new batteries - works, stops again on 3:33 but not necessarily the next 3:33
- attempts to change the time while stopped - jammed
- attempts to change time while working, successful, stops at 3:33.
- D class placed on position 7 at 15:30 and instructed to observe the clock for ten minutes. Subject is observed until Researcher looks down to observe the time (1537) and D class is gone.
- Solid block 1 foot square placed on position 7 at 0315. Through cameras, D-class is observed to appear with feet embedded in the block. Expresses great pain. Block removed and analysed, no changes observable. At 1533, D-class appears again, however this time their feet and ankles are missing to approximately a height of 1 foot. D-Class immediately falls to the ground. The subsequent blood loss and expressions of pain are found to be greatly upsetting to SCP ###1.

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