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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Subject must be kept within a 5 m by 5 m by 5 m steel cube with walls uniformly one foot thick on in all sides. The steel container must have no doors, or anything that could be viewed as a door, hatch, window, aperture or entrance that could in any way accomodate the exit of SCP-XXX. As long as these conditions are met, SCP-XXX will not attempt to escape.


SCP-XXX appears to the naked eye as identical to the very common hallucination experienced by humans in dark rooms, specifically a spoltchy, insubstantial and ever-shifting black shape. D-Class personnel tasked with exposure testing have tended to describe its appearance as a "hulking shape" or a "tall dark thing."

In the wild, SCP-XXX will avoid any direct light and prefers to hide in closets, basements, and attics during daylight hours. Consequently, instances of SCP-XXX may be seen frequently in dim settings, but never acknowledged as anything other than static in the observer's visual cortex.

The first instance of SCP-XXX (here called SCP-XXX-1) was captured in the home of Dr. ██████████. Dr. ██████████ reported that he had awoken in the middle of the night and noticed that his bedroom door was open. Unlike a normal person, Dr. ██████████ reacted by surreptitiously filling his own home with small cameras designed for low-light conditions.

Grainy image, black and white, shows hallway leading to living room. Camera is pointed at the door to a coat closet. In the corner of the frame is a small night light which partially washes out the image. After forty-five seconds, the coat closet door appears to be nudged slightly open from the inside.
View switches to a second camera further down the hall. A dark distortion exits through the narrow opening of the closet door and passes in front of the night light, breifly blocking it.
Camera view switches again, showing another door. A dark distortion moves in front of the door. The darkness stays motionless for three minutes, twelve seconds, then the door is nudged open. There is no sound track, so no sound is heard. The door swings slowly open until the dim interior of the room is visible. A sleeping human form lies on a bed, identifiable as Dr. ██████████.
The dark shape remains motionless, apparently watching Dr. ██████████ for two hours, thirteen minutes, nine seconds, and then moves out of the frame.

Dr. ██████████ used this footage as the grounds to requisition an Encounter Team of Foundation personnel to secure his home. The threat level of the SCP was unassessed at this point so preparations were made for extreme contingencies, including the use of ███████ and SCP-███.

Fifteen agents trained in investigation and capture were brought to Dr. ██████████'s home.

SCP-XXX-1 was found behind the water heater in Dr. ██████████'s basement. It was chased around the house and ultimately coralled into the home's garage by coordinated use of hand-held high intensity lamps.

When cornered, SCP-XXX-1 exhibited no aggression at any point, although Agent ███ made physical contact with the SCP when it attempted to slip by him. The Agent reported that it "tingly." SCP-XXX-1 was ultimately herded into a metal box. The box was locked, and the SCP was removed from Dr. ██████████'s home in the usual method.

No amnesiac was administered to neighbors because the Foundation team had posed as exterminators and nothing too outwardly unusual occurred during capture.

For the record, during the operation █████ █████, ██████████ was found in the home resulting in ██████ demotion and reassignment of Dr. ██████████.

When the transport vehicle reached the secure loading area, SCP-XXX-1 was found to have escaped the box in which it had been locked. Three agents confirmed that the box had been correctly locked and loaded according to all proper protocols, but the lock had simply come undone. The SCP was still in the truck.

Testing has shown that members of SCP-XXX can open any door, even if that door is locked, if the hinge is welded shut, if the door is actually a massive stone slab which must be lifted, or if there is any type of passage large enough to accomodate its size, which seems to stabilize at about eight feet tall and as wide as a large human. This has led to the necessity of storing it in a container with nothing that could be construed as a door.

Since the discovery and capture of SCP-XXX-1, one-hundred and six further members of species SCP-XXX have been positively identified. SCP-XXX-1 through SCP-XXX-56 were located and captured, at which point a monthly review panel concluded that SCP-XXX as a species did not seem to pose any danger, and that capturing every instance of SCP-XXX would prove prohibitively time- and resource-consuming for marginal gain. Based on the rate at which instances of SCP-XXX were being discovered in homes around the globe, it was estimated the several million exist in the wild.

Current efforts focus on studying the specimens currently under containment in order to difinitively assess the capabilities of the SCP.

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