Morphing mushrooms
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Several specimens of SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the Procedures]

Description: SCP-XXXX takes the appearance of a seemingly ordinary, non-poisonous, mushroom, though the species can vary. Whenever possible it will appear as a variety of mushroom that the nearest person knows to be nonpoisonous, defaulting to Agaricus Bisporus, or the common mushroom, if there is no one with mushroom knowledge within a 100-meter radius.

SCP-XXXX causes any mammals within a 5-meter radius to feel unnaturally hungry, to the point where they will, if no other food is immediately available, look for food in the surrounding area, invariably focusing on SCP-XXXX. When SCP-XXXX is consumed, the victim sinks half a foot into the ground, lodging their feet into the ground, followed by the legs slowly melding together into the form of a mushroom stalk. Following this, A [Mushroom-textured-ish] coating surrounds the subject's upper body, which then shapes into the cap of the mushroom. The subject will then slowly decrease in size to that of the species of the mushroom being imitated, becoming another instance of SCP-XXXX. It should be noted that the coating has a paralyzing effect on whatever it touches, even going so far as to stop speech when covering the neck.

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