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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a 12m x 12m storage container, situated at the exact center. Any researchers wishing to observe SCP-XXX are advised to maintain a distance of at least 6 meters from the object. If study requires close proximity or direct contact, telekill helmets are to be worn. If SCP-XXX is to be opened, the chamber must be decontaminated and maintained as a sterile environment, in order to avoid damage to SCP-XXX-1.

Under no circumstances should SCP-XXX be stored within the range of any SCPs capable of psychic communication.

Description: SCP-XXX is an iron box, perfectly cubical and slightly over 1 meter across. The box has large bolts and screws along its edges, which hold the box together. The box is clearly very old, being almost entirely covered in rust. The exact age has proven impossible to determine, but estimates are between 100 and 200 years.

If one of SCP-XXX’s sides are removed, the interior of the box becomes visible. The box is almost entirely filled with gears, pistons, and other clockwork components which are constantly in motion, despite the lack of any power source. These components are also showing signs of rust and degradation, but not the extent of the outside. More notable is the human brain in the center of the box, dubbed SCP-XXX-1, which the clockwork appears to be connected to in some way. The brain has been proven to be alive, despite the lack of any other vital organs such as lungs or a heart supporting it. While DNA tests have confirmed the brain to be human, it appears to have abilities beyond that of an ordinary human brain.

If a human being comes within 3-5 meters of SCP-XXX, they experience a sudden detrimental effect on their mind. They immediately become dizzy, disoriented, and confused, though these effects are mild and end shortly after beginning. After the subject’s focus has returned, it will take approximately 15 seconds for them to notice a secondary effect.

This secondary effect is the gradual loss of short term and/or long term memories. If short term memories are taken, subject will express confusion as to where they are, due, obviously, to forgetting their approach of SCP-XXX. If long term memories are taken, subject will generally have a subtler reaction, only realizing their memories are gone when they are later asked for personal details about their past. After approximately two minutes of exposure, the subject will have experienced total amnesia. Whether SCP-XXX directly wipes memories from people’s minds or is actually “stealing” their memories is a source of debate among researchers.

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