The Apple Man

Mr. Jim was a bad man.

Mr. Jim and all the other Malusite's lived in Malus, the biggest apple in the whole world. Nobody in Malus liked Mr. Jim, because he ate some of Malus. Everyone knew eating Malus was bad, and they wanted Mr. Jim dead because he was a bad man.

Because he was a bad man, Mr. Jim had no money. Mr. Jim did not eat Werm because he was a bad man. Sometimes, other bad men and women would come to see Mr. Jim. Mr. Jim gave them swords and guns to shoot the nice Malusites with, so everybody hated Mr. Jim.

The Lovely King of the Second Corpel was very angry at Mr. Jim for doing all these nasty things, so he sent out his brave Soldiers to fight the bad man Mr. Jim. But when the Soldiers got there, Mr. Jim had gone! Mr. Jim had run away, because he was a very bad man.

The Lovely King of the Second Corpel's Soldiers are still looking for Mr. Jim, because he is a bad man

a bad man


All over Malus, children quietly ate their Werm as their teachers told me about the bad man named Mr. Jim, and how it was every Malusites duty to stand by the Lovely King of the Second Corpel. The Soldiers looked up as an explosion shook the pip, then back down as it was followed by brief gunfire.

And all over Malus, everyone knew that Mr. Jim was a bad man.

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