Mr. Salman Corbette

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid (Keter classification pending)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be placed on a concrete pillar and held in a 3 (three) meter x 3 (three) meter x 3 (three) meter concrete room connected by a 1 (one) meter x 1 (one) meter x 3 (three) meter shaft leading to a room above. At no time may SCP-XXX come anywhere into the view from looking through the shaft. There will be no cameras or any other viewing device in the room containing the SCP. The room containing the shaft will have a pulley system connected to a safety rope. The room will be locked at all times with at least 4 (four) agents guarding any entrances. Only agents with level 3 (three) security clearance or higher may enter. Any unauthorized attempts at entry will be handled with extreme prejudice. Any attempts at removing the SCP will result in immediate termination. If SCP-XXX is found to have been moved 1 (one) D-class member will be sent in to place

Description: The actual appearance of SCP-XXX is unknown. Blindfolded testing of SCP-XXX has shown that it is composed of iron, bronze, and other common metals. Currently there is know way of knowing what is drawn or written on SCP-XXX without suffering its effects. Pictures or video of the SCP will also cause these effects. SCP-XXX is species specific and only affects humans.

When any human looks at, feels over, or identifies SCP-XXX in any way he or she immediately finds themselves compelled to speak what they are thinking at that moment in whatever language they think in. Mute or deaf people will attempt to communicate their thoughts through sign language. This urge is irresistible. Once the subject begins speaking they cannot stop speaking until they expire. Forcing the subject to stop speaking through drugs will result in their immediate death. Damaging the subject's larynx or removing the subject's jaw or tongue, as ██ ( ████ ███) % of subjects will do to themselves at later stages, will not stop the subject from attempting to speak. Most subjects commit suicide within █ (███) hours. Those who do not tend to die from exhaustion within ██ (██████) hours of initial exposure. Any subjects who do not expire from exhaustion will die from stroke caused by abnormal enlargement of the parietal lobe, the speech center of the brain.

Subjects are still completely aware of their surroundings as well as their condition once they are exposed. Speech can be conducted with subjects, although the subject will respond with an answer in between unrelated sentences. Any effort to communicate the appearance of SCP-XXX will result in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Non-human SCPs trying to describe the SCP will speak in vague simile or metaphor.

Any attempts at using psychic materials to alter SCP-XXX or its effects have failed, leading to the conclusion that SCP-XXX's effect is purely memetic. Anesthesiacs do not work on those affected by SCP-XXX, as the SCP does not appear to infect memory centers but rather the parietal lobe. There is no known cure for SCP-XXX's effects. If any personnel are exposed, euthanasia is recommended.

Addendum XXX-A: The potential of this thing to destroy human life is too large. I am recommending upgrade to Keter class and the melting down of this object. - Dr. ███████ (Keter class pending, destruction denied)

Interviewed: D-class subject D-7861 exposed 3 (three) hours ago

Interviewer: Dr.███████

Foreword: Subject is speaking speaking during entire interview. Recorded are his answers as well surrounding phrases. Dr. ███████ shouts questions in between answers so that they can be heard.

<Begin Log, 14:34:22>

Dr. ███████: How are you feeling?

D-7861: …and a white elephant so oh god I want to die doc I want to fucking die right now anything to make it fucking stop but I wonder if elephants…

Dr. ███████: What do you want to stop?

D-7861: …like Blue Oyster Cult and what the fuck do you think doc all of this all of this movement of my jaw and my fucking I can't stop talking my throat feels like it will explode and my heart is pounding and I hate the Mets…

Dr. ███████: Do you feel like there is anything specifically on your mind?

D-7861: …however Goodfellas was good but it's just everything goes through my mind at once it's like somebody left the tap on in my brain and I can't stop letting it all out and (breaks out into hysterical sobbing with speech in between) I feel like my mind's going to collapse in on itself plus my head hurts so much but man my youngest daughter….

Dr. ███████: Would you like a tissue?

D-7861:…like a kangaroo and hahaha do you think I'm fucking laughing I'm fucking dying here doc (begins vomiting and talking between heaves) and oh good now I'm throwing up this is horrible please kill me doc please kill me anyways nanobots will never…
Dr. ███████: One more question. What was on the SCP.

D-7861:…FUCK YOU!

<End Log, 14:39:36>

Closing Statement: Subject was at first thought to have expired, but after examination it was found he was [DATA EXPUNGED]

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