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SCP-XXX under observation

The Carnivorous Sleeping Bag
Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxx is to be kept in a soundproofed 15x15 meter containment cell. Only D-Class personnel are to interact directly with SCP-XXX.

Description: SCP-XXX is a large, full body sleeping bag or "bivvy bag", there are no labels or markings to indicate when it was produced or who it was produced by, X-ray scans and sample analysis reveal the shell is nylon, the filling and lining are both 100% polyester. There is also an unnatural elasticity in the material of which SCP-XXX is composed, with sample threads being able to stretch up to 5 times their normal size.

SCP-XXX possesses a series of ████████████████ positioned at regular intervals around its 'hood'. These emit a constant low frequency sonic wave at ███ Hz that, when heard, compels most sentient life forms to climb inside, the maximum effective range of this wave is observed to be an estimated 4.5 meters. [see experiment log Log xxx-1-a] When feeding SCP-XXX emits a separate wave at ██ kHz which causes intense confusion and causes most life forms which hear it to leave the area of effect.
Analysis of both these waves reveals that [DATA EXPUNGED] Interestingly the wave affects even deaf subjects, suggesting there may also be a psychic compulsion at work, research into this theory is underway.

Subject is actively carnivorous, willingly consuming most biological matter, living or dead. Organism's without eardrums are also affected by SCP-XXX's hypnotic effect, although to a lesser extent. Once inside the body cavity of SCP-XXX a potent anaesthetic is released from [REDACTED], causing almost instantaneous unconsciousness, SCP-XXX then zips it’s self up and the 'hood' then closes, whereupon SCP-XXX proceeds to consume its entrapped prey. SCP-XXX secretes a selection of digestive enzymes and acids that [DATA EXPUNGED]. The resultant mixture is then reabsorbed. The time taken for the process to complete varies, from as little as half an hour for a large lab rat (Rattus norvegicus) to as many as 25 hours for a fully grown Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) [see experiment log Log xxx-1-a for details] the process is very efficient with as little as 5% waste produced, this takes the form of a small pool of blood that collects around SCP-XXX although SCP-XXX remains totally dry.

Attempts to synthesize the anaesthetic produced by SCP-XXX are unsuccessful at this time.

Addendum XXX-1: Circumstances of retrieval
SCP-XXX was recovered in █████, England after being brought to the attention of the Foundation by Agent █████, a Foundation plant, working within the local police force. When investigating the disappearance of a camper Agent █████ discovered SCP-XXX feeding on local wildlife at an abandoned campsite, blood sample analysis taken from the blood surrounding SCP-XXX confirmed that SCP-XXX was the cause of the disappearance. Retrieval team was notified and Class B amnesiacs were administered to all non Foundation personnel involved.

Log xxx-1-a

Date: █-██-████

Experiment 1: Sonic wave range testing
Materials: N/A
Procedure: Class D personnel ordered to approach SCP-xxx until hypnotic effect manifests
Result: Subject approached SCP-xxx slowly, upon reaching 4.5 metres the subject yawned loudly and ceased to respond to all commands from supervisors. Subject was allowed to climb inside and SCP-XXX sealed it’s self and began the digestion process.

Experiment 2: Sonic wave range testing
Materials: N/A
Procedure: Experiment is to be carried out immediately after Experiment 1, Class D personnel ordered to approach SCP-xxx until confusion effect manifests
Result: Class D is ordered to approach, upon entering the chamber the subject immediately began exhibiting signs of extreme confusion, eventually loosing the inability to stand. Subject was eventually retrieved by a security team and reported severe headaches for 3 hours following the experiment.

Date: █-██-████

Experiment 3: Digestion process timing
Materials: One (1) Standard lab rat (Rattus norvegicus)
Procedure: Release subject into containment area, measure time taken for SCP-xxx to fully digest the subject.
Result: Subject is released into the containment area and spends the first minute skirting the walls before venturing within the effective range of SCP-xxx’s sonic wave. Subject quickly climbed into SCP-xxx and ceased moving. A small bloody patch was noted around the hood area at the 9 minute mark and after 15 minutes the hood opened and SCP began broadcasting it’s “hunting” wave once more.

Date: █-██-████

Experiment 4: Digestion process timing
Materials: One (1) Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) One (1) Waterproof electronic balance, big enough to hold both SCP-XXX and the subject.
Procedure: Release subject into containment area, measure time taken for SCP-xxx to fully digest the subject. Test effectiveness of sonic wave on organisms lacking eardrums
Result: SCP-XXX placed on balance. Subject released into the containment by two D-Class personnel and immediately attacks them, D-100197 is killed whilst D-100475 escapes unhurt. Subject patrols the room for 3 minutes before SCP-XXX’s hypnotic effect manifests. As the subject has no ears to speak of it is suggested that there is also a psychic compulsion in effect, further research has been ordered. As The subject approaches SCP-XXX expands rapidly, allowing the subject to crawl inside, SCP-XXX then seals its self and the process begins. It is three hours before any significant loss of mass is registered, at this point there is evidence of blood beginning to pool around SCP-XXX. By six hours a quarter of the subjects mass has been lost, radius of blood pool is one metre. By twelve hours almost half of the subjects mass has been lost, blood pool is now 4 metres across. After twenty five and a half hours the subject has been completely digested, blood pool is ten metres across.

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