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SCP-XXXX two hours and fifty seven seconds into third session.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a fitted reinforced glass case located at Site-2█ when not in testing as of 11/3/██. Formal requests to research SCP-XXXX shall be filled out one week in advance. Sessions are also required to take between five to seven days for optimal results on single or multiple testing personnel.

WARNING: Should session and monitoring last longer than 6 hours without the persons recovering from the subject's effects, refer to procedure 726-N.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an hourglass of unknown make with a frame consisting of an unidentified wood. It shows no immediate anomalous properties aside from the slow rate at which the sand flows. When flipped, assuming all the sand has entered the opposite bulb or the subject has been given to a new user, SCP-XXXX will emit a noise that is frequently described as 'droning'.

Exactly 14 minutes after being flipped and placed on a surface, the person who has done this will often report feelings of drowsiness. Within another 14 minutes the user will succumb as if under the effects of an anesthetic. Several moments after giving in to these effects, test personnel are reportedly unaware that they have fallen asleep, despite feeling disorientated.

In post-experiment test personnel interviews, individuals using the object admit to a sense of unease, and even reluctance at first to continue with testing, explaining that the room "just felt wrong." When pressed for details, test personnel hesitantly stated that any and all entities who had been occupying the room had disappeared, save for SCP-XXXX and themselves. Feelings of profound loneliness, disorientation and anxiety persisted throughout the course of the experiment.

Based on these same test personnel reports, the individuals using the subject seem to encounter no distinct changes made to their environment while employing SCP-XXXX aside from the conspicuous disappearance of all working clocks and biological entities. One test subject has also proclaimed that while they use SCP-XXXX they maintain the basic bodily needs for survival, and even wander outside of the testing chamber; however neither the items described nor testing chamber show any evidence of tampering.

While in use, those observing the sleeping body of the test personnel have reported that the grains of sand in the hourglass drop at an unnaturally slow rate. However, the longer the object is in use, the rate at which sand transfers from the top bulb to the bottom gradually increases. All tests up until week █ have been stopped within 4 hours and 30 minutes. When the person wakes up, they exhibit an increase in overall energy, going so far as to say they feel "completely refreshed".

Addendum: Week █.
All tests thus far have been performed with two (2) D-class personnel, one with no records of mental disorder and one with a history of [REDACTED]. Both personnel will be taken to a testing chamber at Site-██ for the duration. During the first week of testing, D-classes were requested to allow themselves to be subjected to EEG testing both while awake and while using SCP-XXXX. With no initial complains, the collected results revealed activity levels in the cerebellum and inferior frontal gyrus consistent with a typical REM cycle while under the influence of the subject's anomalous effects. Test personnel also noted a feeling of "being watched" during the period of the experiment in which they were asleep

While sleeping they do not recall ever having the machine being hooked up to them, and were thus free to roam what they saw as an abandoned test chamber; even claiming to have had the time to read through books collected on the shelves. Though the material read was of no major breach, if what they both reported is true, should they leave the testing chamber while asleep it may be possible for them to gain access to other, more secure documents.

  • Request to lock testing chamber and make observations of subject and personnel through Low-Security Surveillance equipment: Granted.

Though tests so far have proven uneventful it has been observed that after D-427 uses SCP-XXXX they exhibit peculiar irregularities in reaction time, heart rate, and overall motor skills. Movement can be described as sluggish at times despite mental health, with test subject exclaiming that "these are the best [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] naps" they have ever had despite frequent bouts of mental illness.

It should be noted that between the two test personnel, D-427 is permitted to choose whether they have basic tasks to complete as well as how many days they undergo testing. Such freedom has resulted in the test subject's eagerness to continue with sessions beyond the usual 4 hours and 30 minutes while D-428 has expressed less enthusiasm but is cooperative nonetheless.

Week █ Day 5.

Testing personnel D-427 has begun to either lose sight or simply does not acknowledge existence of others, frequently bumping into fellow testing personnel and researchers while being escorted to the testing area only to issue mumbled apologies minutes later. When questioned if they feel any sort of exhaustion or other symptoms possibly similar to that of a caffeinated crash, test subject responded that they 'knew they aren't really there.' and began to take hold of SCP-XXXX for use before the chamber was properly set up. The D-class was promptly restrained with ease and further testing continued with drastic changes in brain waves.

Upon entering the test chamber, D-427 appeared to be unkempt and complained of hunger. However upon waking, 427 was well-groomed, had wet hair and was no longer hungry; though complained of mild hallucinations while under SCP-XXXX's effects. Examination of stomach contents revealed one [REDACTED] brand candy bar and a carbonated beverage. No such items were confirmed missing from the test chamber. Continuing with the brief investigation, a colleague also reported the door being securely locked and remaining locked for the entire testing period, surveillance data from multiple security interfaces revealed nothing out of the ordinary occurring.

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