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Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in a medium security containment locker at site-19. Due to the limited nature of SCP-XXX testing requires the approval of the site supervisor and at least two level 4 personnel. Instances of SCP-XXX-2 are to be contained for testing with their remains destroyed.

Description: SCP-XXX-1 is one box of █████████ brand sheepskin condoms, currently containing 36 condoms sealed in individual packets referred to as SCP-XXX-1. Upon inspection of the condoms it was found that the material used for them was of human origin, from the small intestine. DNA tests performed on samples have shown them to be from a female of unknown identity. The anomalous properties of SCP-XXX-1 occur after their use by a male human in the act of sex, the effects only manifest when SCP-XXX-1 is undamaged at time of use. One hour after use ending in release of sperm into SXP-XXX-1, will seal itself and inflate with liquid, presumed to be similar to amniotic fluid and begin to create SCP-XXX-2

made by pro abstinance group
scp-xxx kills "fornicators"

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